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The Roteks
M.A.S.K. Episode No. 8
Setting: A park or forest reserve somewhere in North America.(Conclusion drawn from the fact that there were cardinals. There’s some practical ornithology for you.)
M.A.S.K. Agents: Matt Trakker (Thunderhawk), Brad Turner (Condor), Buddy Hawks & Hondo McLean (Firecracker), Bruce Sato & Alex Sector (Rhino)
V.E.N.O.M. Agents: Miles Mayhem (Switchblade), Sly Rax (Piranha) Cliff Dagger (Jackhammer)

(Scene opens on the Trakker campsite. Matt is busily working away on a laptop, [so much for getting away from it all] while Scott is tinkering with a machine of some sort. The device emits odd noises, none too melodious, too.)

Scott: (Adjusting the dials on his device.) There! That’s it.
T-Bob: Ohh… I don’t think it’s working.
Scott: That’s probably because you’re scaring all the birds away.
T-Bob: Ohh…I’m Not.

(As if to prove his point, a red bird lands upon his head.)

Scott: (Looks delighted) Wow! Cardinals!
[For your information, a cardinal is a bird that is almost completely red, except for a bit of black on areas like the beak and throat. Found in North America (spreading) and Hawaii.]
Many more cardinals [all male ones though] flock and crowd on top of T-Bob’s head.)

Scott: Dad! My bird caller really works!
Matt: (Turns away from his laptop)That’s great Scott. Maybe you’ll get an A for your science project.
Scott: Really?
(Scott and Matt turns to see T-Bob moving towards them, with literal a cloud of cardinals hovering/circling above his head.)
T-Bob: If you ask me, It’s for the birds. Turn it off.
Matt: Right. Why don’t you take a break. The hot dogs are almost ready.
T-Bob: (With about 7-8 cardinals on his head.) Gee. Now I know what a scarecrow feels like. Youch!! (Suddenly, he jumps up, flapping his arms, scaring the birds away.)
Scott: Come on T-Bob. They can’t hurt you.
T-Bob: It…it’s not the birds. Something bit me. Something bit me! (Hops on one foot)
Scott: You’re a machine, T-bob. Nothing can bite you.
[I’m glad they confirmed that point. I used to think that T-Bob was an annoying person shut up in a robots body.]
Matt: (Taking a closer look at T-bob.) Wait a second Scott. Look at this. (Points at T-Bob’s foot. We see it is damaged.) Hmm… This is strange
T-bob: You’re… you’re telling me. Let’s get out of here!
Scott: (Turns around and looks horrified.) We may not be able to. (Points)
(The Trakker trailer begins to fall apart, piece by piece. The doors fall out, the glass shatters, the tires get loose and flat, and the bumper and headlights fall off.)
Matt: I don’t believe this! (Runs into the cab of the now dilapidated trailer and picks up the radio microphone. The steering wheel falls of as he speaks.)
Matt: Matt Trakker, calling Buddy Hawks. (No response. Matt picks up the end of the mike’s wire to see it has been severed. The radio falls apart, as does the rest of the trailer.)
Scott: What’s that?
(We see a big [And I mean big] black bug chewing away at the radio. Then we see there are more than one.)
Matt: It’s some kind of insect. It’s actually eating the metal.
Scott: Wow! Look! They’re everywhere.
(So they are. We see rows of the bugs crawling all over the trailer, or what’s left of it. Some are happily feasting on the engine, others are having a swell time eating everything they can.)
T-Bob: Metal eating bugs?! I’m outta here. (Runs off)

(Scene changes to that of Boulder Hill Headquarters. Matt is sitting in front of the computer)
T-Bob: This is serious. I could be a bug’s dinner any second.
Scott: That’s why Dad called the P.N.A.
(The computer screen flickers on. Duane Kennedy’s face appears, looking very grave indeed.)
Duane: Matt. I have the information you requested. I’m afraid the situation is very serious.
Matt: I figured that. What are those things?
Duane: They’re called Roteks. A special breed of metal eating bugs created in a top-secret military lab for warfare. Just drop them behind any line and let them go to chow. A military base near where you camped just confirmed that one of their colonies of Roteks is missing. [Talk about careless]
T-Bob: I’m doomed. That’s the end of me. [:)]
Duane: The worst part is that they’re due to multiply in 12 hours. When that happens, there will be no stopping them. All metal in the world will eventually be destroyed.
T-Bob: Ooh!! I gotta get outta here-fast!
(T-Bob goes if in motorbike mode, dragging Scott with him. Matt doesn’t seem to notice.)
Scott: Yeow! T-Bob! Slow down!
Matt: Okay Duane. M.A.S.K. is going into the pest-exterminator business. [Now, for the part you all are probably waiting for.] Computer: Priority one emergency. Select the best M.A.S.K. agents for this mission.
Computer: Confirmed. Selection complete. Recommended personnel: Brad Turner- Expert motorcycle and helicopter pilot. Vehicle codename- Condor.
(Brad is tuning his guitar. The M.A.S.K. watch beeps, and a guitar string snaps. Brad shrugs, whether in exasperation or bewilderment, I can’t tell.)
Computer: Alex Sector- Computer and communications expert. Zoology specialist. Vehicle codename- Rhino.
(Alex is trying to catch a snake, a cobra by the looks of it. The watch beeps, Alex runs off as the snake leaps for him- right into its container. The lid bangs shut.)
Computer: Bruce Sato, Mechanical engineer and design specialist. Vehicle codename- Rhino.
(A cute little gadget with a robotic arm is lifting up a card. Bruce is making a card castle, and doing a pretty good job of it by remote control. Just as he is about to add the card into the pile, his watch beeps, distracting him. He accidentally knocks the controls, sending the robotic arm crashing into the castle.)[Poor guys. Must be pretty tiresome sometimes to M.A.S.K. agents. That’s why they are heroes, I guess. Or else they wouldn’t be putting themselves into ludicrous situations like this. Three cheers for the M.A.S.K.!]
Computer: Hondo McLean- Weapons specialist and tactical strategist. Vehicle codename- Firecracker.
(Hondo is carrying a really large stack of books. [Probably history, ugh] Beep goes the watch.)
Hondo: Thank you. (Give the books to a passing woman.) Err… Excuse me! (runs off.)
Woman: Wha?
Computer: Buddy Hawks- Master of disguise, Intelligence expert. Vehicle codename- Firecracker.
(An old couple are sitting beside a yellow car, a Beatle, I think. Buddy is fixing it.)
Old man: Could you please hurry? We’re in a rush.
(Beep goes the watch. Buddy slides out from under the car, and faces the couple.)
Buddy: Uhh…I…Excuse me. (Runs off)
Old man: Hey! Where are you going?
Buddy: (Off screen)You can use that car over there.
(The old man turns to look and the ‘car’ turns out to be a bike.)
Matt: Personnel approved. Assemble Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand.
Computer: Trasmitting M.A.S.K. signal codes.

(Scene changes to the briefing room of Boulder Hill.)
Brad: Are you kidding me? You called us together to go chase some bugs?
Matt: The Roteks aren’t just bugs. They were developed as a military weapon. Something that could be released to destroy enemy equipment. This is no joke.
Alex: I should say not. This is why we’re bringing these plastic boxes along to contain them.
Brad: Yeah well, you’re the animal man Alex, not me.
[I don’t know about you, but I agree with Brad. Sort of. It seems to me that just anyone can go along with plastic boxes to hunt for Roteks bugs, not just the M.A.S.K. And looking for them in vehicles made of Metal isn’t very bright either. Of course, I assume this is because they suspect the Roteks were stolen, so they figured they had to go against the thieves as well.]
Matt: Gentlemen, let’s move it.
(Matt presses a button, activating the mask rack and briefing table.)
Matt: Prepare to energise masks.
(The masks are energised and after putting them on, The M.A.S.K. team hit the road.)

(The M.A.S.K. make their way to the campsite. The area is strewn with non metal parts, all the metal having been the Roteks’ lunch.)
Matt: Hungry little devils, weren’t they?
Bruce: When the small are many, they are stronger than the strongest.
Hondo: (Turns to Bruce) Hey Bruce, I almost understood that. (Shrugs) Heh, must be something wrong with me.
(Overhead, we see Brad flying past. He flew here all the way.)
Matt: Now we split up. First one to find a Roteks wins a brass ring. If the Roteks don’t eat the ring first. (Makes a funny [and in my opinion, a stupid] face)

(Everyone is searching for the Roteks. Matt is lifting stones and looking under them.) [He could, of course, use Spectrum, but I’ll give him the benefit of doubt and say it’s because he wanted to save the power.]
(Brad is airborne on Condor, looking for the Roteks from air.) [Bwahahaha. The Roteks are huge insects, but I don’t think you can see them from the air. But to give Brad the B.O.D. (Benefit Of Doubt) again, I’ll say he was looking for Roteks activity, i.e. metal structures falling apart etc.]
(Buddy and Hondo are in Firecracker. Hondo is driving and Buddy is looking for the Roteks with a pair of binoculars.)
Hondo: Here buggy, buggy. I got a nice piece of aluminium for you. [Me: (Dryly) And the entire Firecracker as well.]
Buddy: Starting to feel like a fool doing this.
Alex: (Through radio) Now, now gentlemen. Don’t underestimate our adversary. (Scene changes to the Rhino’s computer lab.) I can assure you that this mission is as important as others we have undertaken. I think you’ll find…Arrgh! (A crashing noise is accompanied by a jolt which throws Alex off balance.)
Alex: Whoa.
(Outside, Bruce and Alex examine the damage.)
Bruce: The axle’s broken…eaten through!
Alex: (To others by radio) Gentlemen. We have met the enemy.
Hondo: We’re on out way. (Shifts gear and accelerates Firecracker)
Matt: Be there in a flash. (Converts Thunderhawk into plane mode and takes off. A few seconds after launching, the thrusters fail and down the Thunderhawk goes.)
Matt: Huh? (The Thunderhawk is in for a crash. Thankfully, Matt is able to land without one (crash, that is). He shifts controls again, but finds that there is no response.)
Matt: My guidance control is shot. (Sees the Roteks that has been wreaking havoc on poor old Thunderhawk. He catches the bug.) Gotcha. (Puts it into the box. Picks up radio mike.)
Matt: Alex, do you read me? Alex! Get them quick. Get them off your vehicle and keep them in the plastic containers.
(We see Alex and Bruce doing exactly that)
Alex: So far we got ten of the little blighters.
(Scene changes. Hondo, Buddy, and the Firecracker are moving past a river. Suddenly, the Firecracker goes haywire. Hondo loses control)
Buddy: Yarrgh!
Hondo: Whoaaa!
The Firecracker splashes into the river. Fortunately, it’s shallow. The doors open and we can see little black bobs which are the Roteks floating on the water. Buddy catches one)
Buddy: Come here, ya… ya metal chompers!

Scene: where the Rhino is marooned. We can see the Firecracker’s contingency vehicle, a red motorbike. That’s how Hondo and Buddy got here. Brad in Condor, which alone stays unmolested by the Roteks, hovers overhead. Since he hasn’t touched the ground yet, he’s safe from the Roteks. Well, sort of)
Hondo: I take back everything I’ve said. These little guys are mean.
Matt: There were a lot more of them before. Where’s the rest of them?
Alex: Examining one of the Rotek) These are only scouts, Matt. I expect the colony is somewhere nearby. If the Roteks are like any other insects, they emit a very specific ultrasonic vibration. Now that we’ve captured a living sample, I’m sure I can pinpoint the nest.
Matt: Lets do it.
(Bruce activates the Rhino’s detachable ATV. He and Alex start off.)

(Setting: A grassy clearing.)
Alex: (Holding a radar-like device.) It’s around here somewhere. (Gets off the ATV and follows the signal. He reaches the spot where the signal beeps loudly and the target display centers. Picking up a stick, he draws a rectangle in the ground[!])
Alex: This is it gentlemen. The colony is underground. All we need do now is collect them.
[How on earth did he draw a line in the grass with a stick?! While we’re at it, how did he know what shape to draw?]
Hondo: Nothing to it. Ready, Bruce? Blaster, on. (Cuts with Blaster according to the lines Alex has drawn.)
Bruce: Lifter, on. (Lifts up the block of earth.)
Alex: (Opening a large chest concealed under the earth.) I say, that doesn’t look quite cricket.
Buddy: Of course those aren’t crickets.
Matt: He means the Roteks didn’t escape. Somebody delibrately buried them here.
(Alex shuts the chest. The droning of an engine diverts their attention.)
Hondo: Huh?
(Switchblade appears overhead.)
Matt: V.E.N.O.M.!
Miles: M.A.S.K.! I’ve got to keep them away from my Roteks. (Fires a missile)
Hondo: Heads up! (Fires Blaster and destroys the missile.)
Matt: Good shot, Hondo. Into the woods! (The M.A.S.K. retreat. Alex drops the Roteks chest in his haste. End of Scene.)

(Mayhem circles the clearing. Beneath, the Thunderhawk bursts out of the woods and circles as well, as if in invitation.)
Miles: Back for more? This should keep you at a distance. (Fires a missile which hits the Thunderhawk. The smoke clears, but we see that the Thunderhawks is unharmed.)
Miles: What’s that? [It’s a hologram, stupid.]
Brad: My holograms never miss! Now try this! (Fires at Mayhem.)
Miles: Blast it! V.E.N.O.M., keep them busy. I want those Roteks! (Switches to plane mode and outruns the Condor. From the ground, Sly Rax opens fire on the Condor. Brad avoids a few shots, but one hits his main rotor blades, blasting it off. The Condor falls, spiralling.)
Brad: If I can’t fly one way, I’ll fly another. (Switches Condor into bike mode. He hits the ground, wheels first, and lands unharmed.)
[Boy! The Condor must have one heck of a shock absorber. He fell from heaven-knows how high but didn’t even get more that a jolt when he hit the ground. Brad doesn’t seem distressed that he’s just been partially disabled. Superhero immunity active here.]
(The Condor roars off, chased by Switchblade from the air. Mayhem tries to shoot him,and of course he misses, although his shots do get uncomfortably close. Mayhem next swoops in close, trying make Brad lose control of the bike but it doesn’t work. Piranha attacks from behind, forcing the Condor to zigzag.)
Matt: Bruce, give Brad some help.
Bruce: No problem. (Fires a smoke bomb from the ATV. It gives Sly Rax something to think about. The Condor escapes in the confusion. Just as he joins the others, blasts of fire comes from another direction.)
Matt: Now what? (Jackhammer with Dagger make their appearance.) Looks like the gang’s all here.
(Matt fires upon a tree just in front of the Jackhammer, sending it crashing into his path.) [Poor tree :( ] (Bruno reverses.)
Matt: Okay, this isn’t going to be easy. We’re going to have to fight them with everything we’ve got. (Brad nods.)
Bruce: Wow! A swarm of the Roteks! [If you remember, Alex dropped the chest. Apparently, the Roteks have escaped.]
(Everyone looks in horror as the Roteks make short work of their vehicles: The Rhino ATV, the Firecracker bike, the Condor and the Thunderhawk.)
Alex: I’m afraid, Matt ol’ boy, that an orderly retreat is in order.
Matt: We’re going to have to come up with something.
(The Condor falls to its side, covered by a layer of Roteks.)
Hondo: And fast! (Kicks the Roteks on the Condor, not that it does any good.)

(Piranha draws up beside Jackhammer.)
Cliff: Hey Mayhem! I think we really got them this time.
Miles: so I see.
Matt: (Running to the crumbling ATV with one of the plastic boxes. He grabs a few Roteks and pops them in.) All right… they want the Roteks, we’ll give them the Roteks! Bruce, here Bruce! (Tosses the box to Bruce.)
Bruce: Lifter, on! (The box is lifted in the direction of Jackhammer and Piranha.)
Buddy: It’s a bugs bomb! [I’m not sure who said this, or what was said. This is the closest I can get to it.]
(The box lands on the Jackhammer, scattering Roteks all over it.)
Cliff: Oh no!
Sly: (As another box crashes down.) Mayhem! They’re double crossing us! Help! (Stomps on the bugs)
(Mayhem lands Switchblade)
Miles: Relax, I’ll handle it. (Takes out a device and stands above the empty Roteks box. He puts it inside.)
(The M.A.S.K. are trying in vain to get the Roteks off their vehicles.)
Alex: They’re leaving us. (So they are. The Roteks head for Mayhem.)
Sly Rax: I hate those things. Let’s clear out!
(The Roteks all follow the device’s signal and go inside the chest, staying there. Mayhem takes out his control, shakes off a few Roteks, and shuts the lid. He takes off with the chest.)
Miles: I’d love to stay and finish you off, but I must get my Roteks to larger living quarter before they multiply. (Laughs evilly as he leaves)
[Funny, I thought a little shot would have finished them off. If he could spare time to yak, he surely could have spared the time to fire one measly torpedo missile at them.]
Matt: (Takes off Spectrum) Listen up, you guys, here’s the situation. The Roteks are going to multiply in less then 4 hours. When that happens, V.E.N.O.M. will have millions of them.
Alex: And he can control that device of his.
Matt: Right, we’ve got to stop them. Bruce, what can you put together with the equipment we’ve got left?
Bruce: Pogo sticks? [:) This is priceless!!]
Matt: Come on! I need Thunderhawk, Bruce. You can do it.

(Scene: Trakker Mansion)
Scott: T-Bob, where are you?
T-Bob: (Hidden) Go away, I don’t want them to find me.
Scott: T-Bob, are you in there? (Peers at a toy box under a table)
T-Bob: No [Why is that robot hiding from Scott? It maketh no sense.]
Scott: Dad’s gonna catch all those dumb Roteks. [Dumb Roteks? Ha!] You don’t have to be afraid.
T-Bob: Not much. If those Roteks track me down, I’ll be munch for lunch.
[Me, sarcastically: No need to be scared, The Roteks are only having a field day eating the M.A.S.K. vehicles.]

(Back in the poor lopsided Rhino.)
Alex: It’s basically quite simple. The Roteks communicate with one another using ultrasonic frequencies.
Matt: The trick is finding the same frequency Mayhem’s using to control them.
Alex: Exactly. And unfortunately, I no longer have any Roteks to study.
Matt: Keep working. (Turns to computer console) Hondo, how’s Bruce doing with Thunderhawk?
Hondo: (Unseen, by radio) Well Matt, He’s either going to get her to fly, or blow us all up.

(Scene switches to the V.E.N.O.M., making their merry way)
Miles: Our spy in the laboratory left the Roteks at precisely the correct co-ordinates. In a few more hours, we’ll have an unstoppable army of these little devils.
Sly Rax: I hate them bugs. (mutters)
Dagger: I think the Roteks give our cold blooded Rax the creepy crawlies.
Sly Rax: Shut up, Dagger.
Miles: Ahahahahaha. Nevertheless, civilisation itself depends on metal. Any country that dares to oppose us will be instantly sent back to the Stone Age.
Sly Rax: I still hate them bugs.

(Back to the M.A.S.K.)
Alex: Matt, be sure that Spectrum broadcasts the entire rage of frequencies that I specified.
Matt: When I hit the right one, I should drive the Roteks crazy. I hope.
Hondo: Hey Matt! Here she is, good as new. (Matt and Alex turn to observe the repaired Thunderhawk. Matt starts the engine, which doesn’t sound very smooth. The other agents are pushing her, BTW.)
Matt: All right. Start it Bruce.
Bruce: Lifter, on!
(Lifter lifts the Thunderhawk into the air, and when Matt activates the thrusters, off she goes.)
All: (Jumping up and down [and in my opinion, looking like fools]) We did it! We did it! (Bruce stands, looking proudly at the disappearing car-plane.)

(On the road to Mandal… uh… wherever Mayhem plans to spawn the Roteks. Matt intercepts the V.E.N.O.M.)
Matt: First, let’s cut down on the competition. By hitching a ride.
(Matt swoops over the Jackhammer, dropping a ‘hitchhiker’ atop the roof. The result of the thruster/afterburner sends Dagger flying out of the scene. Literally.)
Dagger: Arrgh! I can’t move! (He whizzes on and on, till he goes out of sight, passing an old couple on a bike en route.)[Sound familiar? Those were Buddy’s clients. Were.]
Miles: M.A.S.K.! Impossible! [I don’t see why not, dear Mayhem] Rax, take care of them. (Puts on mask)
(Sly Rax shoots at Matt, but he eludes the shot and doubles back in the direction of Mayhem. Mayhem barely avoids Sly’s blasts.)
Miles: Idiot! You almost hit me.
Matt: Okay, Roteks. Here comes every frequency in the books. Hope you’re all listening. (Activates Spectrum.)
(Thunderhawk chases Switchblade, swooping dangerously low over the head of Sly Rax. Sly Rax fires after them. Mayhem converts Switchblade into plane mode and tries to outrun Thunderhawk, but Matt hangs on persistently.)
Matt: Alex. I think something’s wrong. I’ve broadcasted the whole range of frequencies. Nothing’s happening.
Alex: (In the Rhino. The other agents are there too.)Then it must be a combination of frequencies.
Hondo: But that could take hours to find. We don’t have the time.
Matt: Wait a second. The first time the Roteks went on the rampage was when Scott was testing his birdcaller. Get that frequency for me.
Alex: Right-o Matt. Stay with you.
(Sly Rax lies in wait)
Sly Rax: Hey…easy…easy…aim!
(Fires at the Thunderhawk. [Wonder of all wonders] He scores a hit! Matt loses control, the Thunderhawk already being in terrible condition.)
Sly Rax: I got ‘em! I got ‘em!
(Matt attempts to land on the asphalt road, almost succeeds, but is unable to slow down. The Thunderhawk hits some unevenness, flips over and crashes spectacularly. [Ouch])

(T-Bob is building a brick enclosure around himself. Scott walks in.)
Scott: T-Bob. What are you doing now?
T-Bob: The toy chest wasn’t safe enough.
Scott: But that’s crazy. You won’t have anything to do in there. You’ll go nuts with boredom.
T-Bob: It’s better than being eaten alive by horrid little bugs.
Scott: How many times do I have to tell you? You’re not alive.
Alex: (Through T-Bob’s radio.) M.A.S.K. calling Scott. This is M.A.S.K. calling Scott. Please come in.
Scott: M.A.S.K., calling me?

(Back to the wreck of the Thunderhawk.)
Miles: Fantastic! He’s helpless. I’m going in! (Moves to attack Matt.)
(Matt is crawling out of the wreck, looking none the worse for having crashed. [Must be superhero immunity] Mayhem swoops in.)
Matt: Uhh… Alex? I’m in a bit of a tight spot here.
Alex: Scott, just play your birdcaller into the microphone. Hurry now!
Mayhem: (Thumb on trigger) You’re not a hologram this time.
Matt: Alex?
Alex: I have it Matt! Transmitting now.
Matt: Spectrum, on. (Activates Spectrum.)
(In the Switchblade, the Roteks break out of the chest and begin devouring the helicopter.)
Miles: Oh No!
Matt: Phew! Looks like I really bugged Mayhem. (Switchblade is going out of control.)
Miles: Confound bugs! (Grabs the Roteks controller, but too late, it has become Roteks fodder. It falls apart in his hand. Everything falls apart.)
Sly Rax: Mayhem, what are you doing up there? (The Switchblade’s windshield falls, nearly hitting him.) Uh oh. Arrgh! (the Roteks come raining down.) Get them off! Get them off!
(Piranha disintegrates as Switchblade crashes. Mayhem comes running out unharmed. [Super villain immunity])
Miles: (To Sly Rax) Run!
Sly Rax: You mean bug out.
(Dagger returns with Jackhammer.)
Cliff: Huh? (Mayhem and Sly Rax run waving to him) What’s going on?
Miles: Just get us out of here! (They climb in and make their getaway.)
Cliff: Huh?

(The M.A.S.K. agents stand around and depression, in which Matt is kneeling, in front of the Roteks box.)
Matt: Now, if I modify those frequencies a little…(activates Spectrum. The roteks swarm towards Matt. He takes his mask off and puts it in the box. The Roteks follow.)
Matt: That’s right fellas. Back in your box. You’re going home. You’ve had enough to eat today.


Safety Tip:

(Scene: T-Bob’s anti-Roteks fort. Scott is wearing a pair of goggles and helping him.)
Scott: Wow! This sure is a neat anti-Roteks box.
(T-Bob is cleaving a brick. The fragments fly up and one hits his eye.)
T-Bob: Yeow! My eye! It’s blocked it! I’m blind! I’m blind!

(Later. Matt has just finished repairing T-Bob’s eye.)
T-Bob: I can see again. I’m fit.
Matt: You’re lucky, T-Bob. Human eye can’t be fixed like this. Scott, I’m glad you were wearing your safety goggles.
Scott: Dad, I always wear one when I’m using tools.
Matt: It’s always pays to play it safe. (winks)


Transcripted by Hytac. Product of 5 hours and 15 minutes worth of watching the same episode, pausing and rewinding.(Not to mention occasionally trying to decipher who said what.) Any mistakes in the script, or any comment at all, please mail me . Special thanks to Megaman, who provided the M.A.S.K. episodes to transcript.

Hytac’s Review

The Bad:
It seemed to me rather silly that the M.A.S.K. had to be the ones looking for the Roteks. If the army personnel lost them, the army personnel should have been looking for them. And how dumb can you get, looking for metal eating bugs in vehicles of metal? Also, concerning the manner of how the Roteks were buried, there were 3 contradictions. Firstly, if the Roteks had just been stolen, how could grass have had time to grow over the burial area? Secondly, how could Alex draw a line the grass with only a stick? Last of all, how could he know what shape to draw? The lack of fear amongst the heroes seems rather peculiar. As usual, super-hero immunity spoiled a lot of potential challenges, but then, we’re all used to it.

The Good:
Despite the outlandishness of the plot, this episode was still very enjoyable; In fact, it’s one of the best I’ve seen. The consistency (in some aspects) was amazing. It made sense. I really liked the way Brad, Hondo and Buddy were so sceptical about the importance of the mission. It made hem seem more human (unlike the fact that none of them showed any emotion that amounted to fear). It was also refreshing to the V.E.N.O.M showing some skills in shooting. Sly Rax’s entophobia adds to his character. Watching the vehicles fall prey to the Roteks was fun. Very. Matt’s quick thinking surprised me; both of his ideas actually saved them all. Bruce’s resourcefulness was also impressive. The voices, especially Alex’s were very well done. The Thunderhawk crash was indescribable. Bravo!

This was the first time I was able to see the Rhino and Firecracker’s contingency vehicles in action. The Rhino had an ATV(All Terrain Vehicle) while the Firecracker had a red bike. Unknown if the bike had any weapons. If anyone out there has information regarding this, mail me please.

Total stars per category: 10

Plot: 3
Narration: 8
Realism and consistency: 6

Total stars: 32

Six out of ten Roteks bugs. And an extra one for the wonderful way the vehicles went down, especially the Thunderhawk. That makes seven, in case you can’t count. ;)

Quote of the Ep:
Matt: Bruce, what can you put together with the equipment we’ve got left?
Bruce: Pogo sticks?

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