Links concerning Military and Naval Insignia or Artifacts

Certain links may be down. If I am unable to restore them they will be deleted. I am listing links, which might be of interest to those using this site. Some are commercial sites of individuals involved in selling books, artifacts, etc. I do not intend the simple act of my listing them as a personal endorsement of those businesses.

General Civil War Link Sites

George H. Hoemann's American Civil War Homepage


Terry Thomann's Civil War Life - The Soldier's Museum

The Navy

1864 Naval Uniform Regulations - includes naval shoulder strap, insignia, and uniform info.

Vendors of Original Civil War Artifacts

The Horse Soldier of Gettysburg, PA
American Thunder Antiquities
Butch and Anita Holcombe's Greybird Relics of Kennesaw, GA
Sharpsburg Arsenal of Sparpsburg, MD
Harry Ridgeway's Civil War Relics
Earl Robinson's Reunions
Shotwell's Antiques & Civil War Memorabilia
Jim Stanley's Civil War Material

Vendors of Reproduction Civil War Items For reproductions swords.

Books about Military Artifacts

Centreville Electronic's-Books on Civil War Artifacts for sale

Magazines about Civil War Artifacts and Photographs

North South Trader-contains articles written by leading authorities
Military Images-photographs of the Civil War

Civil War Artifacts

Artist Don Troiani's Collection
Mike Preziotti's Civil War Artifacts Site-contains photographs of dug artifacts and other information
Civil War Collect-a free listserv for Civil War collectors
Civil War Button Site-includes bibliography, ask the experts and sales
West Coast Collector's Home Page
Josh Makoul's Site on Gettysburg Relics

Civil War Headgear

Headgear worn by the Corps of Engineers (all periods)

Civil War Uniforms

Quartermaster Museum 1866 Photograph Series-Original Photographs taken to Document Period Uniforms

Organizations for Militaria Collectors

Company of Military Historians
Association of American Military Uniform Collectors
American Society of Military Insignia Collectors
Orders and Medals Society of America

Army Branches or Categories of Troops

Signal Corps
Zouaves Database

Civil War Photographs

Site on Identification of Unidentified Civil War Photos

Other Site by Dr. Howard G. Lanham

Insignia of World War Two


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