Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Enlisted Ordnance Hat Insignia

Ordnance Insignia

Ordnance Enlisted Men's Hat Insignia

Ordnance Insignia
Ordnance Insignia
on Jeff Davis Hat
Enlisted men's branch insignia were stamped in brass and worn on the front of the Jeff Davis (Hardee) hat. It was not uncommon to find them worn on the top of the kepi (forage cap), but this was not prescribed by the regulations. The shell and flame has a long history as a military insignia and wide usage in European armies. The particular category of troops using it varies and includes fusiliers, grenadiers, artillery and others. However, it was the grenadiers who originally wore it and established it as a military insignia. In the time of fortified cities they were the elite assault troops. The title grenadier was not popular in the United States as a name of a military formation. It was too closely identified with the British. In the United States Army both artillery officers and ordnance officers used the shell and flame insignia as a coat-skirt ornament on the tails at the rear of the uniform coat between 1832-1851. However, beginning in 1851 the flaming bomb was settled on ordnance and became their exclusive insignia. However, its use as a hat insignia by ordnance began much earlier in 1839 with its adoption as an officer's forage cap insignia.

The number of enlisted men assigned to the Ordnance Department was very small. They were used to maintain ordnance stores and were typically were stationed at forts and arsenals as individual soldiers. They were not part of a typical regimental or unit organization.

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