Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Enlisted Overcoat

Soldier in Overcoat

Unknown Soldier of the 11th New Hampshire Infantry in an Overcoat

Soldier in Overcoat This unidentified New Hampshire infantryman is wearing an enlisted foot soldier's overcoat. It was made of sky (light) blue kersey wool with a detachable cape. The collar could be folded up as seen in our soldier. The cape closed with seven small general service buttons. The foot soldiers' overcoat itself was single-breasted with five buttons. The army also issued a double-breasted overcoat with a longer cape for mounted soldiers. Also interesting in the photograph is the kepi. It indicates that the soldier was a member of Company K of the 11th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry. The metallic infantry horn is a false embroidered type with tassels rather than the standard government issued one. The photograph was taken in Dover, New Hampshire, which was the hometown of many of the members of company K. Since the unit was originally mustered and departed for Washington in September 1862, it is likely that this image dates from that time

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