Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Staff and General Officers' Buttons

Staff Orginal Staff Button
Staff and General Officer's Button Original Staff and General Officer's Button

The backmark reads HORSTMANN & ALLIEN NY

This type of button was adopted in 1832. It was the first button manufactured using three parts: front, back and a rim that holds them together. Buttons of three piece contruction are called staff-type buttons by button collectors. This button was worn by all general officers and also members of the various staff departments, surgeons, paymasters, quartermasters, etc. The regulations allowed medical cadets and aides-de-camp to use them. Other general orders allowed military telegraphers to wear staff buttons. These buttons are also fairly common due in part to the large number of buttons on a general's uniform. For example, a major general would have a total of twenty-eight buttons of both sizes on each of his coats.

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