Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Overcoat and Hospital Steward's Insignia

Overcoat Insignia

Hospital Steward's and Officers' Overcoat Insignia
Hospital Steward's Half Chevron (yellow on green)
Overcoat Insignia-First Lieutenant
Overcoat Insignia-Captain
Overcoat Insignia-Major
Overcoat Insignia-Lieutenant Colonel
Overcoat Insignia-Colonel
Overcoat Insignia-General

The hospital steward's insignia was worn on the uniform coat. Officers' overcoat insignia were worn only on the dark blue overcoat. Officers were also allowed to wear the light blue enlisted men's overcoat with a small circlet having the grade insignia as worn on the shoulder strap appearing on the sleeve.

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