Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War


Inspector's Mark

Inspector's Mark

Civil War swords are often marked with the initals of the inspector who accepted them for the U.S. Government. This particular sword is marked on the blade and on the guard with the initals "J.H." for John Hannis, Armory Sub-Inspector. Inspectors' initals are commonly found on enlisted men's swords. Only domestic swords that were produced by government contract are marked with inspector's initals. Privately purchased swords, such as those carried by officers, would not be so stamped. Interestingly enough foreign made swords contracted for by the U.S. government were inspected by overseas inspectors.

Some Other Inspector's Initals found on Swords

Initals Name
AHC Archibald H. Ceiley
GWC George W. Chapin
GKC George K. Charter
LD L.Duston
HDH Henry D. Hastings
ADK A. D. King
AHK Albert H. Kirkham
CSL Charles S. Lowell
ACM Alfred C. Manning
DFM Dexter F. Mosman
MM M. Moulton
DR David Rice
GGS George G. Saunders
FSS Frederic S. Strong
AHT Albert H. Thompson
WAT William A. Thorton
CEW Charles E. Wilson

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