Famous Horses named Silver

Another horse named Silver
could be in any of the movies with
Buck Jones

Buck Jones riding Silver
Buck Jones & Silver

The horse called Silver King owned by Fred Thompson
had a career in the movies from: 1924 to 1931
some of the titles of the movies and the (year) Silver King appeared
Movie Title (Year)
movie was made
Silver Comes Through
Don Mike
Jesse James
A Regular Scout
Ridin' the Wind
Dangerous Coward
North of Nevada
Galloping Gallagher


The younger Lone Ranger and Silver
of the 1980's version
remake of the film called
The Legend of the Lone Ranger
was filmed in New Mexico. The color photos shown were photographed by and belong to Joe Craigmile who worked with
Bobby Davenport and were snapped in action on location in September of 1980.
(Photo right) -
Silver and actor
Klinton Spilsbury as the Lone Ranger.

Horse trainer Bobby Davenport cueing Silver for the high rear on the remake of the Lone Ranger movie on location in New Mexico.

Special Thanks
to Susan Dudasik
for relaying the info and pictures to Horse Fame
for Mr. and Mrs. Craigmile.

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