The Red Pony Movie photos

Red Pony and Peter Miles
The original 1949 movie starred Robert Mitchum, Myrna Loy and Peter Miles as son Jody.

There were 2 movies made from the classic novel written by
author John Steinbeck

Horses names in the story
Easter, Nellie, Black Demon, Sundog, Riley Boar, & Pete Iron.

The red pony was called Gabilan named after the Gabilan Mountains range by the ranch
inspired by Steinbeck own childhood pony named Jill.

Peter, Red Pony

Peter Red Pony
steinbeck Red Pony paperback book below photo - a scene from the 1949 movieA scene from the Red Pony 1949 movie

right photo - The Red Pony remake 1973 movie made for TV starred Henry Fonda,
Maureen O'Hara, and
Clint Howard
Henry, Red Pony, Maureen
Henry, Red Pony, Maureen Henry, Red Pony, Maureen

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