Hunt Genealogy: Indiana
Some of my Hunt ancestors were members of The Society of Friends (Quakers). I have recorded all of the Hunt Familys I have found in Indiana from The Abstracts of the Society of Friends in Indiana by Willard Heiss through the Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis. There are six parts.If you dont find all six parts,please check back. I am working on getting them all finished.

Part one

Notes from Quaker mins

For definition of abbreviation
and County locations for Meeting House see bottom of page

Abstracts of the records of the society of friends in Indiana
Edited by Willard Heiss
Part One


    Location: Whitewater        

            book page 32
Ann   b 9-27-1799 -s Eleazer & Ann
Susannah  b 5-22-1804 dt Richard & Susannah
       William  d 7-4-1843
   Eliza  b 9-7-1820
   Alonzo b 10-5-1822 
   Albert b 11-13-1824
   Anna Jane b 2-8-1828
   Mary Emily b 10-5-1834

Ann d 6-26-1859 bur Whitewater age 72y

             book page 33 

Anna Jane d 10-21-1839 bur Whitewater 
Catharine d 11-2-1829 dt Adam Coffin & w  bur Westgrove Charles  b 8-25-1871 -s John & Emily
Jessie b 12-7-1874 dt John A & Martha Chenoweth
   J Verlin b 8-24-1894
   Hubert b 1-19-1900
   Martha b 11-10-1913

Clayton b 6-26-1815 s/o John & Ann (Brown)
      d 1-20-1901, bur   Earlham
Elizabeth d 7-31-1881 dt John & Mary Starr age 67y
        bur   Earlham
    John L b 9-13-1838
    Joseph B  b 9-11-1840
    Mary L  b 6-16-1843
    Clayton B  b  11-2-1845
    Ester W  b 7-14-1849
    Benjamine  b 11-8-1852
    Joshua     b 11-8-1852
  Ruth Anna  b 6-24-1827 Warren Co, O -dt Joseph & Rhoda
            (Whitacre) Hollingsworth  d 12-19-1911
              bur Springboro,O

Frank J  b 5-21-1866 -s Franklin B & Elizabeth M
Laura   b 8-13-1867 -dt Samuel & Margaret Charles
       Margaret   b 5-12-1895
       Elizabeth Elanor b 11-5-1898

Franklin B
Elizabeth M  d 10-9-1881  bur Earlham
     Phebe Ann  b 3-30-1847
     Nelson A  b 6-1-1849  d 10-15-1876  bur Earlham
     Orlando B  b 5-29-1852
     Viola Eliza  b 11-25-1856  d 6-5-1861 bur Whitewater
     Flora Ida   b 10-29-1860
     Frank J   b 5-21-1866

Hubert b 1----1900 -s Chas & Jessie
Martha E  b 1-13-1899 -dt D M & Margaret Davis
    CH: Phyllis Jean  b 10-11-1924

Ida Eldora  d 10- 9- 1886 ae 12y

Joshua G  b 11-8-1852  -s Clayton & Elizabeth (Starr)
          d 5-28-1917
Flora H   b  4-5-1858 -dt William B & Rebecca 
          (Hadley) Hadley m - 8-6-1885
CH: Wilber H  b  2-28-1893

Lewis  b 1-18-1847 Randolph Co.Ind. -s Pleasant & Ann

Rhoda   b 3-31-1847  -dt Benj & Elizabeth Hodgin

Nelson A  d 10-15-1876 ae 27y 4 1/2m bur  Earlham
Anna M
  CH: Frederick M  b 8-1874

Verlin J  b 8-24-1891 -s Chas & Jessie  
Ina   b 3-19-1893 Union Co.Ind -dt John W & Caroline Smith
   CH; Myron Ellis  b 7-27-1920
       Marvin Ralph b 4-13-1926
       Caroline Maxine b  5-26-1917

             book page 123
            Whitewater mins.

 8-31-1811  Margaret & dt, Elizabeth,                                   Christiana, Susannah,Dianah,
            rocf Miami MM
 9-30-1815  John rocf Clear Creek MM
 7-26-1817  Cert rec for John & s Nathan, fr 
            Newberry MMTenn: end to New Garden 
 9-26-1818  Ruth rocf New Garden MM, N C 
 4-28-1819  John, s of John & Rachel,Wayne Co,                          Ind, m Catherine Coffin at 
            Whitewater MH
 5-29-1819  John Jr con getting in a 
            passion & upl   
 7-31-1819  Elizabeth & dt , Unice, rec 
            in mbrp
 8-28-1819  Elihu & John, s of William, rec 
            in mbrp
 6-24-1820  Caterine & dt gct West Grove MM
 6-24-1820  John gct West Grove MM
11-25-1820  William , 2nd rec in mbrp
 3-30-1822  Hesabeth (form Swain) dis for mmcd
 4-20-1822  Margaret & Mary rocf New Garden 
            MM, N C
 8-17-1822  Margaret Henderson (form Hunt) dis
            for mcd     
 8-17-1822  Susanna Car (form Hunt) dis for mcd
12-14-1822  Catherine & dt. Irena & Lucinda,                            rocf West Grove MM
 2-19-1823  Mary, dt of Isom & Margeret,Guilford 
            Co. N C  m David James at Whitewater MH 
 2-14-1824  Abner & s Alonzo,rocf New Garden MM,N C
 2-14-1824  Susannah & dt, Eliza, rocf New Garden MM
12-22-1824  Christiana, dt of Samuel & Margaret,
            Both dec, Wayne Co.Ind,  m  John Harvey                     at  Whitewater MH   6-24-1829  Jane 
            rocf Dover MH, N C
10-28-1829  Jonathan rocf New Garden MM, N C
10-28-1829  Margaret & dt, Beulah,rocf
            New Garden MM, N C
 4-28-1830  Irena,Lucinda,Calvin,Franklin B, 
            Melinda & Milton, ch of John Hunt
            gct Westgrove MM   
11-24-1830  Sarah & dt, Nancy,Rosilla & Martha,                         rocf New Garden MM, N C
 7-27-1831  Jane dis for na & dp
 8-24-1831  Buelah gct Chester MM
 9-28-1831  Newby, w Sarah & ch Nancy,Rozilla,
            Nathan, Martha & Elwood gct
            White Lick MM
12-28-1831  Huldah rec in mbrp
 6-4-1834   Huldah B, Wayne Co,Ind, dt of Isom,dec,
            Guilford Co,N C, m Francis B Macey
            at Whitewate MH
11-26-1834  Claton rocf Elk MM
11-26-1834  Ann rocf Elk MM
 4-22-1835  Margaret gct Duck Creek MM
             book page 124
 8-25-1836  Rueben s of Jacob & Lydia, Clinton                          Co,O m Rebecca Henley at
            Whitewater MH
11-23-1836  Rebecca gct Newberry MM, O
11-29-1837  Clayton, Wayne Co,Ind, s of John, dec &                     & Ann, Burlington Co.N J, m Elizabeth                       Starr at Whitewater MH
11-28-1838  Abner dis for kicking a man &
            suing at law
11-28-1838  Eliza Peterson (form Hunt) con 
            her mcd
 7-24-1844  Alonzo dis for na & mcd
 9-25-1844  Albert gct Cincinnati MM,O
 8-22-1849  Ira Haworth gct Duck Creek MM to 
            m Asenath Hunt
9-26-1855   Franklin B & w, Elizabeth, & ch, 
            Phebe Ann, Nelson & Orlando,
            rocf Westfield MM
12-26-1860  John S dis for jMeth                             3-22-1865  Mary s rel fr mbrp                              12-27-1871  David W & w,Martha N, rocf
            Milford MM,Ind     
 2-28-1872  Clayton B  rel fr mbrp
 8-29-1872  Nelson A, s of Franklin B & Elizabeth
            M,Wayne Co,Ind, m Anna Test at res of
            Alpheus Test
 5-28-1873  David W & w Martha N gct West Grove
            MM, Ind
 8-27-1873  Phebe Losey (form Hunt) rel fr mbrp to 
            jas (rpt mcd)
 2-28-1877  Franklin B rel fr mbrp
 3-23-1882  Franklin B rec in mbrp
 5-25-1882  Flora rel fr mbrp
 8-27-1885  Lewis & w Rhoda L & ch, Ida, Eldora,
            Robbie Benjamine & Cora Elizabeth,
            rocf New Garden, MM
 3-28-1886  Ruth Anna rocf Miami MM
10-26-1889  Franklin B rel fr mbrp
 3-28-1891  Lucy rec in mbrp
 7-25-1891  Orlando B drpd fr mbrp
 8-27-1892  Fred M Hunt s of Anna Brock, rel 
            fr mbrp
 2-25-1893  Lewis & w Rhoda L & ch Bobbie B &
            Cora E, gct Cherry Grove MM
 8-22-1901  Ruth Anna gct Cincinnatti MM,O
  4-7-1902 S Joshua,Flora M & William H set off
            with S 8th St MM
  4-7-1902  Benjamine set off with S 8th st MM
  4-7-1902 S Lucy set off with S 8th st MM
10-15-1903  Edith rocf New Garden MM
 3-16-1905  Frank & fam gct S 8th St MM
 3-16-1905 S Frank J & w Laura C & ch, 
            Margaret May,Elizabeth Eleanor 
            & Marion Dorothy, rocf 
            Whitewater MM, Ind
 4-20-1905  Eldon rocf Muncie  MM
 5-16-1907  Edna rocf New Garden MM
 1-20-1910  Lewis & w Rhoda, rocf White River
 8-18-1910  Jane drpd fr mbrp
 7-20-1911  The comm appt to investigate the
            granting of a removal cert to Poplar
            Run MM for Lewis, rpt he had not  
            settled in limits of that meeting
10-19-1911  Ruthanna rec in mbrp
12-19-1912 S Benjamine drpd fr mbrp
11-20-1913  Charles A & w Jessie E & ch J Verlin,
            & Herbert E,rocf New Garden MM,Ind
10-15-1914 S Franklin & fam gct Calif
 2-17-1916  Rhoda drpd fr mbrp
 3-8-1916   J Verlin m Ina Smith
 6-21-1917  Lewis gct Poplar Run MM
 8-16-1917  Rhoda rct; drpd in 1916, 2mo
 9-13-1917  Rhoda gct Dayton MM,O
 9-18-1919  Elden & Estella drpd fr mbrp; jas
 4-15-1920  Ina rec in mbrp
 1-11-1921  Hubert m Margaret Davis
 3-17-1921  Caroline, dt of Verlin & Ina,
            rec in mbrp
12-18-1924  Phillis Jean, inf dt of Hubert & 
            Martha,rec in mbrp
 1-20-1933  Bessie rocf Lynn MM,Ind
            Whitewater (Hicksite) book page 200

Grace G b 8-15-1853 -dt Robert & Ester Parry

Samuel P  d 11-3-1884  83y

            Whitewater (Hicksite) book page 220

 6-26-1839   Gibbons & w, Mary,rocf Darby MM,Pa
10-23-1839   Ester & h,Benjamine, & dt,Emma
             rocf Cherry St MM, Philadelphia Pa
12-22-1841   Benjamine & w, Ester J & minor ch,
             Edward P & Emmy, gct Green St MM,
             Philidelphia Pa
 3-28-1877   Grace (for Parry) con her mcd
 1-23-1878   Samuel rocf East Jordan MM, ILL
11-27-1912   Arrah Elliott (form Hunt) rec 
             in mbrp

            ( Chester )  book page 279

William     b 10-12-1781 -s Jacob & Hannah
Elizabeth   b 3-15-1787 -dt Thos & Elizabeth Mason
             d 2-24-1849
   CH: Eunice   b  6-5-1808
       Elihu    b  8-17-1811
       John     b  1-20-1817
       William A   b 10-26-1822

             ( Chester )  book page 292

 4-23-1823   William appt to comm
 4-21-1824   Isaiah & s Aquilla & William
             rocf Blue River MM,Ind
 4-21-1824   William of West Fork rec in mbrp
11-24-1824   William, Chester PM rpt dr.chm
 3-23-1825   William rpt dr & upl . 6-22-1825 chm   
 5-18-1825   Isaiah,Chester PM rpt, upl & not
             settling his "Wordley Affairs"
             7-19-1826 comm rpt "they have sent on
             the necessary information" (sic)
 8-24-1825   William rpt dr & upl. 10-19-1825 dis
 9-26-1826   Catherine Treated for mcd
      1831   Ruth on mbr list
      1831   Beulah on mbr list
      1831   Catherine, w of Jessee on mbr list
      1831   Elizabeth, w of William on mbr list
 8-24-1831   William & w Elizabeth & ch John,
             William & Allen,gct Duck creek MM,Ind
10-31-1832   Beulah, dt Isom & Margaret m John Macy
             at Chester MH
 9-25-1835   Elizabeth appt to comm
11-23-1836   Catherine appt to comm
 2-22-1837   Ruth appt to comm
 4-22-1841   Ruth rec in mbrp on rq of father,
             Edward B
 9-21-1843   Mary,Chester PM rpt na & jas.
              11-23-1843 dis
 4-25-1844   William & w Elizabeth rocf Duck creek MM
 9-19-1844   Tillman,Elizabeth

See Page Two of the Quaker Minuets for the Hunt Surname
Biographical Sketch, John Hunt

Annotated Abbreviations

acc    accept (ed)

Used in reference to any matter which was acceptable to the monthly meeting; for example, when a member would bring or send a statement to the monthly meeting condemming or acknowledging a Wrong doing the meeting would (or would not) accept it.

acc accomplish (ed)

Used ordinarily when the committee having the care of a marriage would report back to the monthly meeting that it"had been orderly accomplished"

altm at liberty to marry

When a couple would announce at monthly meeting their intention of marriage, a committee was appointed to investigate "their clearness and report back to the next monthly meeting, after which time couple were "left at liberty to marry"

apd attending places of diversion

"Friends are fervently exhorted to watch carefully over (members) to prevent them . . . from frequenting stage -plays, horse-races, music,dancing, and other vain sports and amusements; also,in a particular manner, from being concerned in lotteries, wagering, or any kind of gaming; it being abundantly obvious, that those practices have a tendency to alienate the mind from the counsel of divine wisdom . .. If . . . any of our members fall into either of these practices. . . and cannot be reclaimed by futher labour (The Monthly Meeting) should proceed to disown them."Discipline(1819)

appt appointed

as a clerk, committee and the likes are appointed, The editor has used appt comm as a device to indicate the first mention of an individual in the minutes. It would be appare that a person could serve on hundreds of committees over a period of years.

att attend (ed)(ing)

b born

bur buried

cert certificate

a statement issued by a monthly meeting to a person (or persons) transfering their membership to another monthly meeting. Also a marriag certificate.

ch children

chm condemned his (or her) conduct

"It is the judgement of the yearly Meeting, that offenders, whether under dealing, or disowned, who incline to make acknowledgement of their offences, shall prepare the same in writing; which ought to be shewn; if under dealing, to the committee appointed in their case; or if disowned, to the oveseeres. And if the purport is judged to be suitable to the occasion, the party may present it to the Monthly Meeting, and stay till it is read; and after time given for a solid pause, should withdraw before either that, or any other business, is proceded upon. The meeting is then to concider the case, and appoint two or more Friends to inform the party of the result" Discipline (1819)

comm committee

compl complained of

A person could be complained of for an act which was contrary to the rules and advices as outlined in the Discipline

con condemned see chm

d died

dec deceased

dis disowned

"Such are to be treated with, as are guilty of lying, drunkenness, swearing, cursing; together with every other immoral or scandalous practice: and when persons are guilty in these respects,or any of them, after being treated with by the overseers other concerned Friends, if they be bought to a sense of the iniquity thereof, such offenders are without improper delay to remove the scandal, and clear, as much as possible, our holy profession therefrom, by acknowledgement and condemming the offence, in writting, under their hands, to the satisfaction of the Monthly Meetings, to which they belong. And if any such offenders refuse so to acknowledge and condemn their faults, the said meetings, ought speedily to testify against them" Discipline (1819)

dp deviation from plainness of dress and address

"Upon the first of these subjects, our principle is, to let decency, simplicity and utility be our principal motives and not to conform to the vain and changeable fashions . . of the world. . ."In our address also, we are bound to differ from the world in several respects; such a our using the singular number in speaking to a single person; our disuse of the appellation, of Master, Mistress, &c. . . and our calling the months and days of the week by their numerical names, instead of those which are derived from the heathen dieties."Dicipline (1819)

dr drinking spiritous liquor to excess

drpd dropped

As dropped from membership. A practice employed for the past seventy-five years in revising the membership list. This action would be taken if the member had ceased to attend meetings for a long period of time.

dt daughter (s)

end endorsed

As a certificate which was addressed to one monthly meeting would be endorsed and forwared to another

fam family

form formerly

gct granted a certificate to

"All members removing beyond the limits of their Monthly Meetings. . are to apply to their respective meetings for certificates (of memberships) directed to (the monthly meetings) within the limits of which they propose to sojourn or settle. But if any shall remove without so applying, the Monthly Meeting of which they are members, after making the usual inquiry, and finding no obstruction, should without improper delay, send certificates for them. . . but if their previous conduct require that they be treated with, and the distance be such as to render it inconvient for the meetings they removed from, the monthly meetings, within the verge of which they are, should be requested to treat with them, and report the effect of their care: on which, if it prove satisfactory, certificates of removal may be directed; but if otherwise... testimonies of (disownment should) issued..."Discipline (1819)

glt given a letter to

After about 1875 letters of membership were granted to and received from most other Protestant bodies

grdt grandaughter

grs grandson

h husband

inf informed see rpt

j joined

jas joined another society that is, another religious group

jASF joined Anti-Slavery Friends

From 1843 and the decade following, where the minutes say joined with "Separatists" or joined in "setting up a meeting contrary to discipline," this has been interpreted to mean joining Anti-Slavery Friends and is thus: j (ASF)

jC joined Conservative Friends

jH joined Hicksite Friends<> jMeth joined Methodists

m marry(ied)

mbr member

mbrp membership

mcd married contrary to disicpline

Both parties were members of the Society of Friends and were married by a civil ceremony.

MH meetinghouse

MM monthly meeting

Where the name of a state is not given, it is to be assumed the meeting is located in Indiana.

mou married out of unity

One of the parties was not a member of The Society of Friends

mtg meeting

na neglected to attendance of meetings

PM preparative meeting

prc produced certificate

QM guarterly meeting

rec recorded

As the gift of ministry was recorded.

rel released

rem removed

req request

res residence

ret retained

ret returned

rocf received on certificate from

A certificate of membership was received from another monthly meeting.Usually (but not always) where no state follows the name of the monthly meeting it is to be assumed that the meeting is located in Indiana.

rolf received on a letter

After about 1875 letters of membership were accepted from most Protestant bodies.

rpt report (ed)

When a member was found to have acted contrary to the rules and advises as outlined in the Disciplne, he was reported to (or complained of for) the monthly meeting. The meeting then apponted a committee to treat with him and to report their findings. Usually they reported "treated with satisfaction" and he condemned his misconduct. If not it was reported "treated without satisfaction" and he was disowned. Anyone disowned had the right to appeal to the Quarterly meeting and the yearly meeting.

rst re-instated in membership

After a disownment the member could still condemn his misconduct and be re-instated in membership.

tr treated or dealt with

When a complaint was made against a member, he was treated or dealt with for the offence to endeavor to have him acknowledge his error.

s son

us under care of

unm unmarried

upl using profane language

w wife

w/c with consent of

wid widow

Meeting House locations

New Garden Monthly Meeting (wayne County)

Arba Monthly Meeting (Randolph County)

Newprt (Anti-Slavery)Monthly Meeting (Wayne County)

Springfeild Monthly Meeting (Wayne County)

Economy Monthly Meetings (Wayne County)

Dover Monthly Meeting (Wayne County)

Cherry Grove Monthly Meeting (Randolph County)

White River Monthly Meeting (Randolph County)

Sparrow Creek-Poplar Run Monthly Meeting (Randolph County)

Dunkirk (Anti-Slavery) Monthly Meeting (Randolph County)

Camden (Hicksite) Monthly Meeting (Jay County)

Mississineawa-Marion Monthly Meeting (Grant County)

Back Creek (Anti-Slavery) Monthly Meeting (Grant County)

Deer Creek (Anti-Slavery) Monthly Meetings (GrantCounty)

Honey Creek-New London Monthly Meeting (Howard County)

Wabash & South Wabash Monthly Meeting (Wabash County)

Pipe Creek Monthly Meeting (Miami County)

Deer Creek Monthly Meeting (Grant County)

Oak Ridge Monthly Meeting (Grant County)

Fairmount Monthly Meeting (Grant County)

New Salem Monthly Meeting (Howard County)

Pleasant Hill Monthly Meeting (Howard County)

Kokomo Monthly Meeting (Howard County)

Union Monthly Meeting (Howard County)

New Hope Monthly Meeting (Howard County)

Maple Grove (Hicksite) Monthly Meeting (Huntington County)

West Grove Monthly Meeting (Wayne County)

Milford Monthly Meeting (Wayne County)

Fall Creek (Hicksite) Meeting (Madison County)

Duck Creek Meeting (Henry County)

Duck Creek (Anti-Slavery) Meeting (Henry County)

Spiceland Meeting (Henry County)

Walnut Ridge Meeting (Rush County)

Hopewell Meeting (Henry County)

Raysville-Knightstown Meeting (Henry County)

Carthage Meeting (Rush County)

Lick Creek Meeting (Orange County)

Paoli Meeting (Orange County)

Blue River Meeting (Washington County)

Blue River (Hicksite) Meeting (Washington County)

Driftwood-Sandcreek Meting (Bartholomew County)

Honey Creek Meeting (Vigo County)

Bloomfield-Bloomingdale Meeting (Parke County)

Rush Creek-Coloma Meeting (Parke County)

White Lick Meeting (Morgan County)

Sugar River Meeting (Montgomery County)

Sugar Plain Meeting (Boone County)

Greenfield-Farmers Institute Meeting (Tippecanoe County)

Vermilion Meeting (Vermilion County,Illinois)

Hopewell Meeting (Vermillion County)

Fairfield Monthly Meeting (Hendricks County)

West Union Monthly Meeting (Morgan County)

West Union Monthly Meeting (Conservative),(Hendricks County)

Plainfield Monthly Meeting (Hendricks County)

Mill Creek Monthly Meeting (Hendricks County)

Bridgeport Monthly Meeting (Marion County)

Indianapolis Monthly Meeting (Marion County)

Beech Grove Valley Mills Monthly Meeting (Marion County)

Westfield Monthly meeting (Hamilton County)

Richland-Carmel Monthly Meeting (Hamilton County)

Hinkles Creek Monthly Meeting (Hamilton County)

Greenwood-Eagle Creek Monthly Meeting (Hamilton County)

Poplar Ridge Monthly Meeting (Hamilton County)

Rocky Run-Coloma Monthly Meeting (Parke County)

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