Garrison Cemetery
Highway 161 Skelton Township Tennyson,Indiana

The following is a partial listing of Garrison Cemetery. I have made several trips to this cemetery to check dates, take pictures, etc.
If you don't see a name you are looking for that should be in this cemetery, E-MAIL me and I will look it up for you.

I am only human, so I appoligize for any typo's and am open for any corrections that need to be made.
I will be adding toombstones pictures and obituary links soon for the people found on this page.It has not been copied from another source, but from years of hard research.


This Cemetery is different than Garrison Chapel Cemetery
which can be found about 5 miles North of Tennyson and past this cemetery on Highway 161 Pigeon Township

Bealmear,Charles V1958-1969

Bealmear,Richard T1960-1964

Black,Eliza Jnee:(Willis)Oct 183417 Jan 1927w/o NathanielD/o Thomas & Lyddia

Black,Nathaniel1 Sep 1837-nc-Co A 42nd Ind Inf

Black,James Henry10 Mar 18613 Dec 1941s/o N & E

Black,Nelson6 Mar 186317 Aug 1877s/o N & E

Black,William1892-1972s/o J H & S A (Garrison) Black

Black,Lola Maenee:(Chasteen)1898-1988w/o William

Black,Vicky S9 Aug 196029 Aug 1987

Black,Lloyd C19322001s/o Wm & Lola

Black,James R30 Oct 19275 Nov 1995s/o Wm & L

Black,Carl b & d !8 Jun 1934ch/o Wm & L

Black,Narlb & d !8 Jun 1934ch/o Wm & L

Black,Lee21 Sep 19189 Jan 1993

Black,Wiley F25 Feb 183415 Jan 1911Co C 1rst Ind Cav
Black,Malissanee:(Hall)16 Mar 184730 Jan 190355y10m14dw/o Wiley

Burgess,Guy W1928nc
Burgess,Virginia Garrison1933nc


Clark,Margaret I(nee:Black)1854-1935d/o Nathaniel & Eliza Black

Clark,Charles N1894-1962s/o Jacob
Clark,Nancy B!896-!988w/o Charles N

Clark,Henry Orville24 July 1894-2 Jan 1966WW1s/o Jacob & Margaret

Clark,Orgle F3 Jun 1895-19 Apr 1968s/o Jacob & Margaret

Crow,Nancy ANee:(Garrison)----30 Jul 191472y

Dorsey,W W21 Nov 1912-10 Aug 1926

Dorsey,L F9 May 1909-5 Jul 1910

Dorsey,Daniel C1875-nc

Dorsey,Laura J1868-1906

Dryer,Howard H7 Dec 1897-18 Dec 1903s/o WH & Lizzie

Dryer,William H1864-1935

Dryer,Elizabeth"Lizzie"(nee:Garrison)1872-1955d/o HG & NA

Dryer,Frank C1892-1947WW1s/o WH & Lizzie

Fetter,Leonard E1891-1985
Fetter,Nettie Mnee;(Garrison)1897-1962w/o Leonardd/o Oscar & Josie

Forston,Eunice,Cissna(nee:Garrison)-13 Nov 190582y7dd/o Isaac & Nancy

Garrison,Isaac2 Sep 1797-15 Feb 1877

Garrison,Thomas Tennison22 Feb 18182 Feb 1905s/o Isaac & Nancy
Garrison,John P30 Dec 1830-21 Jul 1907h/o SECpl Co D 42nd Ind Inf

Garrison,Sarah E(nee:Hunt)1 Oct 1836-26 Apr 1872w/o JP

Garrison,John W9 Nov 1864-21 Sep 1884s/o JP & SE

Garrison,Alice E23 Apr 1871-23 Aug 1872d/o JP & SE

Garrison,Edwin ? F17 Mar 1862-6 Apr 1873s/o JP & SE

Garrison,Amanda J(nee: Kinder)1861-1932w/o George B

Garrison,George B1862-1932s/o Joseph H & Elizabeth

Garrison,Joseph H5 Oct 1821-30 Mar 1905120th Reg Infs/o Isaac & Nancy
Garrison,Elizabeth(nee: Spradling)2 Jan 1824-10 Oct 1884w/o Joseph

Photo 2 submitted by May Kercheval

Garrison,Dorothy K(nee: Basham)3 May 1867-18 Sept 1965w/o Joseph

Garrison,Lloyd H1917-1976s/o WH & LE

Garrison,James H1929-1932s/o WH & LE

Garrison,William H1879-1962s/o HG & NA

Garrison,Lula E(nee:Boyd)1898-ncw/o WH

Garrison,James N1867-1935Fs/o JH & E
Garrison,Dora F(nee:Curtis7 Nov 1872-18 Dec 1946d/o Isaac & Mary

Photo submitted by May Kercheval

Garrison,Helen D1910-nc

Garrison,Joe F25 Oct 1892-22 Feb 1967WW1s/o JN & DF

Garrison,H Jr20 Oct 1928-26 Nov 1928s/o Howard & Edna

Garrison,Jimmie15 Jan 1925-7 Apr 1938s/o Howard & Edna

Garrison,R Howard1905-1988s/o Osker & Josie

Garrison,Edna M(nee:Adams)1904-1993

Garrison,Mamie Ester3 Sep 191016 Dec 1981d/o Arthur & Minnie M Garrison

Garrison,Arthur H1875-1960s/o J P & Eliza (Willis) Garrison

Garrison,Minnie Mnee:(McDaniel)1879-1967d/o Albert McDaniel

Garrison,Patricia Gale-27 Sep 1939d/o Johnnie & Beatrice

Garrison,Harvey G30 Dec 1848-3 Nov 1924s/o JH & E

Garrison,Nancy A(nee:Simpson)30 Jul 1851-24 Nov 1928w/o HG

Garrison,Ella1876-1878ch/o HG & NA
Garrison,Elba1892-1893ch/o HG & NA

Photo submitted by May Kercheval

Garrison,Oscar H1875-1956s/o J P & Eliza (Willis) Garrison
Garrison,Josie Mnee:(Shelton)1876-1951w/o Oscar


Garrison,James N1950-1952

Garrison,Andrew J------31 Mar 191043y; s/o J P & S E

Garrison,Lawrence W1 Jul 19742 Jul 1974

Garrison,Joyce Ann17 Jul 196227 Mar 1964d/o J & I

Garrison,Harold L10 Mar 19176 Dec 1984WWII; US Army;s/o Oscar & Josie
Garrison,Leona R1922-ncmar;24 Jan 1942

Garrison,Martha Jnee:(Hunt)14 Apr 183823 Apr 1914w/o W H;d/o Elijah Isaiah & Elizabeth
Garrison,William H30 Dec 183024 Feb 1914Co D 42nd Ind Inf; Cpl;d/o Isaac & Nancy

Garrison,Edith Ellen1910- 1937w/o James L
Garrison,James Loren26 Nov 19011938

Garrison,Minnie Mnee:McDaniel1879ncw/o Arthur;d/o Albert

Garrison,Jacobno datess/o J W Garrison

Garrison,Adam Cno dates

Garrison,Joe F25 Oct 189222 Feb 1967Pvt 21rst Co158 Depot BrigadeWWII

Garrison,Elsie Mae---12/13 Aug 18956m; d/o Oscar & Josie

Green,Stacy D1887-1964

Green,Alta(nee:Garrison)1893-1969d/o GB & AJ

Hart,James H----12 Dec 186710m10d;s/o HJ & E

Hart,Lutica J27 Sep 185029 Aug 1856d/o J & S

Hart,Cynthia8 Jan 18216 Feb 1887
Hart,William C 25 Sep 182127 Jan 1887

Hart,Henry--23 Mar 18689m11d; s/o W C & S

Hart,Margaret23 Aug 18477 Oct 1849 d/o W & S

Hart,John 15 May 18413 Oct 1843s/o W & S

Hart,James--Mar 184211 Mar 1848 s/o W & S

Hart,Margaret J14 May 184814 Aug 1851

Hart,Catharine9 Jan 181818 Sep 1847

Hart,Elder Henry17__1797-1860Mason
Hart,Margaretnee:(StClair)1796-1865w/o Henry

Hart,Margaret E15 Mar 185515 Sep 1855d/o R & MA(Hunt)Hart

Hart,William F9 Jul 186325 Mar 1914

Hart,Nancy E14 Sep 1864 26 Aug 1936

Hart,Frankno dates

Hill,William C Jr19431998
Hill,Arzella R1938

Howard,Horace E13 Jan 1922 9 Feb 1988WWII: US Navy
Howard,Annizenanee:(Garrison)30 Aug 19213 Feb 1988mar;5 Mar 1946d/oArther & Minnie

Hunt,Elizabethnee:(Wright)---20 Jun 189174y19d;w/o Elijah Issiah

Hunt,Larry Dale----15 Nov 1941s/o Fred & Helen
Hunt,Jerry Gale----!5 Nov 1941s/o Fred & Helen

Hunt,Fred T1904-1978s/o Wm A & Mary E(Hart)
Hunt,Helen Mnee:(Garrison) 1907-1990d/o Oscar & Josie
Hunt,William A6 Feb 186419 Dec 1927s/o Wm F & Sarah

Hunt,Mary E(nee:Hart)23 Dec 1874-19 Dec 1938w/o W A

Hunt,Frances Otto25 Jan 1897-6 Aug 1900s/o W & M

Hunt,Clyde1901-1938s/o W A & M

Hunt,Jacob-10 May 1891s/o JW & LJ

Hunt,Martha A17 Apr 1880-7 Nov 1881d/o JW & LJ

Hunt,infant17 Jan 1872-17 Jan 1872s/o JW & LJ

Hunt,Eliga M-1 Sep 1889s/o JW & LJ

Hunt,Jacob----10 May 1891

Hunt,Elijah----1 Sep 1889

Hunt,Sarah E1877-22 Mar 1914

Hunt,Elder Isaiah---20 Jun 187467y5m13d;h/oElizabeth (Wright)

Hoskinson,Stephen A1853-1934
Hoskins,Mary E1855-1948

Isaac,Dorotha J(Hunt)19252004
Leslie,Ellen(nee: Garrison)12 May 1856-21 Oct 1936 Md/o Joseph H & Elizabeth
Leslie,John16 Jun 1852-23 Oct 1934F
Leslie,Charles9 Feb 1899-1 Jun 1944son

Photo submitted by May Kercheval

Lindsey,Butler1880-1896s/o TJ

Lindsey,Rachel M1850-1889w/o Thomas J

Lindsey,Thomas J23 Aug 1842-12 Apr 1901s/o Caleb & LydiaCo D 42nd Ind Inf

Lindsey,Caleb1820-18 Jul 1890Co D 42nd Ind Inf

Lindsey,Lydia(nee:Garrison)1822-1887w/o Caleb

Lindsey,J N1845-10 Jan 1862s/o C & LCo D 42nd Ind Inf

Lindsey,Garland----7 May 18961y :s/o T J & F

McAdams,John30 an 185911 Jul 1932s/o Henderson & Hulda (Stephenson) McAdams


McDaniel,Albert1846-1924Co A 18th Ky Inf

McDaniel,Lydia Louise(nee:Lindsey)1852-1899d/o Caleb & Lydia

McDaniel,Iva Myrtle1872-1872


McDaniel,Arvella7 May 1880-25 Apr 1907w/o Porter



McDaniels,Walter----4 Jul 191311m

McDaniel,Ida Mae1911-1911


McDaniel,Bert20 Dec 1916ncWWII; s/o Porter
McDaniel,Elouisenee;(Black)12 Oct 1920ncd/o Wm & L M

McDaniel,Raymond20 Dec 1919ncs/o Porter
Mcdaniel,Maenee:(Black)29 Oct 19229 Dec 1984d/o Wm &L M

McNeely,Nancy15 Jun 183_- 2_ Sep ____d/o J & E

McNeely,James Dello1879-1968

McNeely,Emmanee:(Garrison)18821967d/o Harvey G & Nancy J

McNeely,George W1880-1947

McNeely,Elijah A1854-1904

McNeely,Lucinda A1858-1927w/o Elijah A

Miller,Lee O19281990
Miller,Norma Morris19302007

Moesner,John F29 Nov 191330 Jan 1997
Moesner,Lorena Mnee:(Fetter)28 Jan 1917

Morris,Gladys M1918-1986w/o Ray H

Morris,Ray H1905-1990s/o Edward & Minnie

Morris,Mary J1904-1961w/o Ray H

Morris,Edward1879-1950s/o Nicholas & Mary

Morris,Minnie Mnee:(Black)1881-1965d/o James & Sarah

Morris,Edward E9 Nov 1907 12 Aug 1985s/o Edward & Minnie
Morris,Dorothy M16 Jun 191917 Jan 1986mar;17 Jun 1939

Patmore,Loyd D19181993
Patmore,Richard D3 Sep 1954-22 Jun 1956s/o Lloyd & Thelma;"Ricky"



Powers,I N2 Oct 183324 Oct 1910Co D 120th Inf
married Apr 2 1852
Powers,HannahNee:(Stephenson) 3 Oct 182824 Nov 1876d/o Thomas & Sarah (Phillips) Stephenson

Reed,SaryAnJan 182727 Feb 1848

Rhodes,Truman W1862-1917

Photo Courtesy of Pat Eager, Thank You Pat

Rhoads,Minerva Jnee:(Tennison)1868-1930d/o G M V B & Rw/o Truman

Roy,Sylvia Shoptaugh2 Mar 1906 4 Feb 1928

Scales,James R29 Mar 1927-2 May 1952son; Cpl; "Boots"

Smith,M V------Co D 120th Inf

Smith,Sarah Ann----16 Jul 186420y8m;w/o Martin V

StClair,Melissa J----10 Sep 18613y11m1d; d/o W & N


StClair,Zadanee:(Garrison)1885-1961d/o Harvey G & Nancy J

Stephens,John C 1891 -1982

Stephens,Edith E1893-1976

Stephenson,Sarahnee:(Phillips)9 Mar 180111 Aug 1873w/o Thomasd/o John & Agness(Gentry)Phillips

Stephenson,Thomas1796-2 Apr 1859

Stephenson,Thomas19 Sep 184017 Apr 1842s/o John & Martha

Swaney,Mary E(nee:Garrison)27 May 1856-16 June 1923d/o John P & Sarah E

Swaney,Matthewno dates

Swaney,Andrew Jacksonno datess/o John N & Elizabeth

Swaney,Lidia C5 Jun 185421 Jan 1856d/o John N & Elizabeth

Photo Courtesy of Pat Eager, Thank You Pat p
Tennyson, Rebecca A (Edwards) 1861 1896

Photo Courtesy of Pat Eager, Thank You Pat

Tennyson, George T 19 Jul 1874 19 Sep 1893 s/o EM & ME

Tennyson, Elijah M 28 Dec 1848 14 Feb 1877 s/o G & Emilie

Photo Courtesy of Pat Eager, Thank You Pat

Tennyson, James F 19 Feb 1871 29 Mar 1871 s/o GMV & R

Tennyson, William H 4 Sep 1873 2 Jul 1878 s/o GMV & R

Photo Courtesy of Pat Eager, Thank You Pat

Tennyson, George M V 1840 1922

Tennyson, Rebecca H 1842 1915

Tennison, Martha L 20 Oct 1853 28 Sep 1855 1y10m29d, d/o George & Emilia

Tennison, Henry H 5 Dec 1843 6 Dec 1843 s/o G & E

Skelton, Sarah Ellen 12 Sep 1828 2 Jan 1847 w/o Elijah, d/o George & E Tennison

Photo Courtesy of Pat Eager, Thank You Pat

Tennison,Emilia 27 Jan 1808 28 Jan 1868 w/o George; 60y1d; m/o 12, 6 sons, 6 dau's; mar 25 Aug 1825

Tennison, George 22 Sep 1803 3 Oct 1883 h/o Milla; 80y11d

Tennyson, Wm W d. 2 Feb 1914 80y9m; no marker s/o G & E

Wilder,Nicky Jean B & D 7 May 1984

Wilson,Stella Mccammett Chastain1872-1946
Watson,Samuel S15 Mar 18367 Mar 1924Co C 42nd Ind Inf
Watson,Huldanee:(Stephenson)16 Feb 184224 Apr 191169yr2mo8d:w/o Samuel
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