Hi folks,
I'm Paolo Teobaldelli, I'm a researcher and writer. This site of mine is dedicated to the study of Human Communication. I think that the great attention to communication we have nowaday is a good chance to re-think to some basic assumptions of Western Thinking, which are unfortunately at the base of many reductive theories on communication as well as on both culture and cultural products (art, literature, etc.).
According to many of those theories, human beings are reduced to strange sorts of awful machines, or to really light spirits. The result is that often, inasmuch there are also people who model society according to either of these conceptions of human beings, we are feeling ourselves in that way ----------------->
Thus, the research I'm working out has a general purpose: to better understand the human dimension. That means that I'm trying to develop a theory of communication that would be in some way able to go beyond the dichotomy between realism and idealism, by furnishing good heuristic tools for the analysis both of scientific and artistic activities; this would surely lead, in my humble opinion, also to a better understanding of the socio-cultural determining of individuals.

So, if you have any interest in the matter, just click one of the target in the left column and have you a good reading. Any feedback is really welcome. Remember: I read English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Portuguese and Italiano

Sincerely Yours
Paolo Teobaldelli, 31/07/1998 Cessapalombo Estate, Italy,

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