As a solo instrument, Harmonium was prejudiced and underestimated. In fact, it had more critics than friends. It was argued that: - Harmonium is a Western instrument; its tuning and keyboard are incapable of producing microtones that make the Indian music so lively and everlasting. Further it was mainly used as secondary instrument for accompanying the vocal music. 

However, it is the artist and not the instrument that matters; that the instrument after all is what the artist makes it to be. The instrument upon which Jitendra performs his solo recital is different from other generally seen harmoniums. 

All this exactly add those elements into this instrument that were lacking for many decades which kept it away from galaxy of other instruments for so many years. 

In fact, it was totally transformed from its earlier form and thus became totally Indianised. Needless to say why it is aptly called "SAMVADINI".