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Robert Ainslie Brook

Robert Ainslie Brook born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 12-2-1915 and d. 3-15-1973 in Youngstown, Ohio. He was the Son of Charles Henry Brook born in London, England in 1882 and died in Akron, Ohio in 1957, and Dorothy Ainslie Kane born in Menomenee, Wisconsin in 1890 and died in 1977.

He married Mary Eugenia Glasgow 11-12-1917, d. 9-9-1976.

Though Robert was born in Milwaukee, Wisonsin, he moved to Akron, Ohio, where is father was named comptroller of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber company.

A gifted musician, Robert became highly skilled at the piano, something that he would use throughout his life as an outlet and as a moonlight.

In the late 1930's, he attended Ohio University where he met Mary Eugenia Glasgow. They dated for six years before they married June 14, 1941. Then, in December, after the invasion of Pearl harbor, Robert enlisted int he U.S. Coast Guard (then a part of the Navy) and spent most of the war on the West Coast until orders arrived for duty in the Pacific.

After the war, Robert finished his college, getting a degree in Business Administration from Youngstown University. in 1948, their first child, Gary George Brook, was born, and in 1963, David Allan Brook came along.

Robert worked for the Sun Oil Company for 31 years, retiring due to bad health in 1971. he died March 13, 1973 of cancer at his home in Youngstown, Ohio.

The children of Mary Eugenia Glasgow and Robert Ainslie Brook are:

Gary G. Brook born 4-24-1948 and married Gail Elizabeth Macht on 12-14-1980.

David Allan Brook born 8-28-1963 married Gwineth Bates.

World War II Veteran - US Coast Guard

Robert Brook served on the Joseph T. Dickman, one of the largest troop transport ship, during the invasion of Okinawa in the spring of 1945. He held the rank of yoeman, 2nd class, but saw combat during the second wave of the invasion. Ships crewmen we stationed around the ship to ward off the threat of Japanese suicide missions. (Japanese marines would attach explosives to their person and float near ships hoping to sink them.) Robert was discharged in December of 1945.

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