Boxing Wise has been issued the 10 count. A massive server error or hacker has
irretrievably destroyed all files associated with Boxing Wise. Because Boxing Wise
was a continuously evolving 3 year work in progress, it is impossible to recreate
the topical and historical features contained within Boxing Wise's on-line server.
To restore Boxing Wise to even a fraction of its former position among boxing
websites is an unattainable task at this or frankly any time. I am deeply saddened
by this turn of events but like all boxers we featured and so admired at Boxing Wise
will roll with the punches, and fight on.

Not all is lost. The most popular feature of Boxing Wise "The Boxing Wise Schedule"
will live on and be featured on many other boxing website in cyberspace.

Click Here for "The Fight Fans Boxing Schedule"

It will now become "The Fans Fight Boxing Schedule" and be available to any boxing
website wishing to share it with boxing fans who visit their site. I will continue
to update the schedule on a daily basis and it will remain the industry leader is
supplying boxing fans around the world with the best global and local boxing events
information. The only stipulation for use of the "The Fight Fans Schedule" is that
the schedule be made available to the fans free of charge.

I wish to send out a heart felt "Thank You" to all boxing fans who have visited (and
contributed) to Boxing Wise over the last 3 years, the names and volume of which are
much too numerous to mention in this space. I will continue to fight on and hopefully
contribute my services in some capacity to another boxing website in some form which
I have not yet contemplated. In parting, I (and I speak for everyone who has ever
contributed to Boxing Wise) wish everyone a great tomorrow and hope you continue to
enjoy boxing in all forms and venues.

Keep Punching
Former Editor of the Boxing Wise website
Marty Mulcahey

Marty Mulcahey