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Rev.    Ferdinand    says:

      I wanted to write a few lines to the flock to let 
you know what's been happening!! I am happy to talk to you 
guys for a few minutes and share these moments to- 
gether. You are the reason that I have been doing this 
communication. My children are what this is about. 
     Anytime that you get in the mood to share some 
testimonies with me, email or write. Your feelings are 
important to my ministry. Your words are the living spirit 
that enlivens our message. Within your words live my 
     Those of you who have been enjoying my teachings over 
the years will know that the testimonies of the deciples 
are the pillars of our temple... 
     Let me hear from you!!  

Rev. Ferdinand sees his flock:

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Rev. Ferdinand
P.O. Box 26862
New Orleans, La. 70186-6862
United States

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