Do you like alternative-

rock music???




Everyday life in israel can be hazardous to your health.......and there's absolutly nothing that could ease the tension...

So you turn on the radio in your car on the way to tel-aviv and all you get is politics, music that makes you fall asleep on the wheel (supposed to calm you ..) and Dance beats that sound the same after 15 minutes....


But then you stop the car in a dark Yafo street, turn off the God-Damn radio, step out of the car, lock it and listen.......

mmmmmm.... open the door to the Pub and


The Pixies Welcome you in followed by Rage Against the machine, Radiohead, NIN, Metallica, Einstrutsen, Nirvana......Your suddenly feel all that distortion Raging in your vains, you look around and see people filling the place Drinking, Singing, Shouting, Dancing ...AAAHHH !!

Two Things are now clear :

First Guznik is the ONLY Alternative/Underground Pub in Israel and The ultimate hangout for All Rockers at heart where the Alchohol flows wild into beautiful throats.

Rock isn't Dead......It just waits us in a dark Pub in a dark street....Saying :" When you finish removing the Decay from Your Soul- I'll Be Waiting HERE !"

guznik pub