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Born on August 22nd, 1956

1973-1978 – student of Leningrad State University , Oriental Faculty, Department of the Chinese Philology

1978-1981 – postgraduate student of the Museum of History of Religions and Atheism

1981-1984 – research fellow of the same Museum

1984-1994 – research fellow of the Institute of Oriental Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences, Leningrad/St. Petersburg branch

1985 – candidate of historical sciences (equivalent of Ph.D.), thesis theme: "Ge Hong's "Baopu-zi" as Historical and Ethnological Source".

1994 – doctor of philosophical sciences (equivalent to D.Sc.). Thesis theme: "Daoism. An Essay of Historico-religious Description"

Since 1994 until now – associate professor (since 1996 – professor) of the Faculty of Philosophy of St. Petersburg State University

1998 – temporary head of the Department of Religious Studies of the same Faculty

1999 - Departament of Oriental Philosophy and Cultural Studies(Faculty of Philosophy)-chair

Since 1980 he published about 90 articles on different aspects of the history of religious and philosophical doctrines in China and on the problems of religious studies in general. The most important are (in Russian) :

1. Daoism. An Essay of Historico-religious description. St. Petersburg: Andreyev & Sons, 1993 – monograph (2nd edition: St. Petersburg: Lan, 1998)

2. Zhang Boduan. Chapters on Understanding of Truth (Wu zhen pian). Preface, translation and commentaries. St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg Center for Oriental Studies, 1994

3. The Fifth Chan Patriarch Hong-ren. The Treatise on the Fundamentals of the Cultivation of Mind (Xiu xin yao lun). Preface, translation, commentaries. St. Petersburg: Datsan Kuntsechoinei, 1994.

4. The Awakening of Faith in Mahayana (Da sheng qi xin lun). St. Petersburg: Bukovsky's Publisher's House, 1997.

5. Religions of the World. Experience of the Transcendence (transpersonal states and psychotechniques/psychopractices). St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg Center for Oriental Studies, 1997

6. Ge Hong. Baopu-zi nei pian (The Inner Chapters of "Baopu-zi"). Translation, preface, comments. St. Petersburg: Center for Oriental Studies,1999

In Chinese:

1. Daojiao yu Zhongguo wenhua: xianghu guanxi wenti // Zhonguo wenhua yanjiu jikan, 1. Shanghai: Fudan daxue chubanshe, 1984.

2. Daojiaode qiyuan ji qi lishi fenqi wenti // Zongjiaoxue yanjiu, 1987, No. 3 (Chengdu, Sichuan daxue).

3. Daojiao yu liandanshu // Zhongguo daojiao. Xian Zhongguo daojiao wenhua yanjiu taohuilun wenji. 1992 zengkan (Zhongguo daojiao xiehui bianji chuban).

In English:

1. Philosophical Studies (Sinology and Indology) in St.Petersburg (Leningrad), 1985-1990 // Philosophy East and West. Honolulu. April 1992. No.Vol.42, 2 .

2. The Doctrine of the «Mysterious Female» in Taoism: a Transpersonalist View // Everything Is According to the Way. Voices of Russian Transpersonalism. Brisbane, Australia: Bolda-Lok Publishing and Educational Enterprises, 1997.

The Principal Courses Taught:

1. Indo-Buddhist Culture and Religions

2. Religions of the Far East

3. Philosophical Schools of Buddhism

4. Ancient Chinese Philosophy

5. Ancient Indian Philosophy

6. Esoteric and Mystical Teachings in the History of Religions

7. Seminar: "Ancient Chinese Philosophical Texts"

Participation in Conferences:

1990 – International Conference dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Feng Youlan (Beijing, China)

1993 – 34th International Congress, Asian and North African Studies (Hong Kong)

1994 Pensee chinoises et philosophie (Paris, France)

1997 World Congress on Jewish Studies (Jerusalem, Israel)

1998 The 8th International Conference on the History of Science in China (Berlin, Germany)

1999 -- Second Academic Conference on Xuanzang studies (Tongchuan, China)

2000 -- Mutual Images of Japan and Russia on the level of Mass Consciousness -- Visual Media as Image Makers (Hiroshima, Japan)


Tortchinov Evgueni, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor St. Petersburg State University Faculty of Philosophy Department of Religious Studies, Mendeleyevskaya liniya, 5

St. Petersburg 199034, Russia

Home address: pr. Entuziastov 56-96, St. Petersburg 195030, Russia

tel/fax: (7)(812)526-29-47