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Releases from BusterCat Productions.

2001 Releases 2002 Releases 2003 Releases
The Keep Ultimate Edition Athens, Greece 83 VCD 'Fireball' 15-02-03
Canyon Dreams Complete Works KlangArt 12-06-99 VCD Future Age of Music DVD
Thief Special Edition Three Phase DVD  
Three Live Sets The Keep Ultimate Edition DVD  
Shepherds Bush 12-05-01 Digital Video Tree  
"VIRGO" The Virgin Years Live    
FROESE "Guitar Works"    
Live at Various Cathedrals    
More Dream Encores    
Mars Polaris (complete 2 disc Version)    
Girls on Fenway    
Warsaw 31-08-2001    
Dream Mixes Live *******    
Electric Orgasm    
Poland 83 & Others VCD    

All the Above are still available as unumbered Versions

Please Email me for further Details
Earlier Releases Coming Soon