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Mars Polaris (Complete)



Tracks are :-

CD 1
1.. Marte Vallis
2.. Rim of Schiapelli
3.. Dies Martis
4.. The Red Gate
5.. Helium County
6.. Tharsis Maneuver
7.. Elysium Basin
8.. Spiral Star Date (Level P)
9.. Mars Mission Counter
10.. Deep Space Cruiser
11.. The Silent Rock

CD 2
1.. Comet's Figure Head
2.. Utopia Planitia
3.. Pilots Of The Ether Belt
4.. Outland (The Colony)
5.. South Melas Chasma
6.. Astrophobia
7.. Olympus Peak
8.. Cydonia Mensae
9.. Chasma Boreale

This is the Reconstructed 2 disc version of Mars Polaris.
The Art work and the track listing for disc 1 is what
was displayed on the TDI website for a while and then
changed to what we know now.

Disc 1 is the so called mispressed Version of MP.
Which includes a demo version of Dies Martis and tracks from Great
Wall of China.

Disc 2 has been reconstructed using the remaining tracks from
Mars Polaris and Great Wall of China (Minus Meng Tian as this
Was definitely produced for GWOC only and not the Original Mars Polaris)

This is a Strictly Limited Edition of 25 copies and only offered to
Members of the Only.