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After a long manufacturing delay, the JAKAT is back!!
Be sure to pick up yours today!
Simply click on the secure Credit Card Order button.

JAKAT Case for Palm-size PC

Each Dominion Designs JAKAT™ is individually produced specifically to hold the Philips Nino Series PPC with both security and functionality in mind.

Handcrafted from genuine, top-quality leather, each case is a unique stylish product that will last a lifetime. Special consideration has been taken to provide the most functional case around. The JAKAT allows the user to use the palm-size PC without removing it from the case, providing access to all side buttons, the power button and the entire screen. It also provides a convenient design for credit cards, business cards, receipts and/or cash yet keeping the overall dimensions surprisingly small. The Nino slips into the case from the bottom and is secured by a leather strap that crosses the bottom of the device. This eliminates the need to attach unsightly Velcro™ to the Nino itself. The triple folding design provides much needed protection for the screen against scratches and bumps.

Each case measures only 5½" x 3¾" x 1½" with the Nino inside!
Check out this list of features:
  • Compact, Custom Fit Case
  • Nino attaches without Velcro
  • Room for 10 Credit Cards or multiple Business Cards
  • One handed operation while in case
  • Extra Stylus holder
  • Two Storage Pockets for receipts or cash, etc.
  • Access to all side buttons while in case
  • Tri-Fold Design for added functionality and protection
No longer do you have to put up with substandard solutions. Pick up the JAKAT today!

JAKAT $49.95
Status: Available

DD Home Pictures Secure Credit Card Oder Warranty Information Email Dominion Designs

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