This site contains information on the ancestors and descendents of Joseph Reuben Larsen (born 1887 - died 1971),including an ahnentafel chart [12 generations] for quick reference, and a listing of available histories, photos and documents. [NOTE: To return to this page from the Pedigree Database, click on the URL at the bottom of the "main page"] Click on any of the links below for more detailed information about this family.

Including the following surnames
Larsen - Denmark Olsen - Denmark Titensor - England Robbins - England


Ahnentafel Chart
Cemetery Page
Converts Page
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Larsen Descendants
Larsen, Olsen, Titensor Histories
Immigration (Including ship information)
Larsen Land, Property and House Addresses
Locations & Background Information
Military Page
Pedigree Database
Photo Album Page
Larsen Pioneer Page
Related Larsen Family Sites
Larsen Family Research Page
Titensor Research by James Petty
Titensor Research by Shirley Gardner

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