GayJews.Org is committed to providing up to date, accurate information for Orthodox Jews who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. We have links to all other frum GLBT content here on the web as well as a number of features of our own. We hope you enjoy visiting our site and will come again soon. Also, please remember, you are not alone. You are not the only one who feels this way and we're here for you.

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Other pages of interest for frum GLBT Jews

Frum GLBT discussion lists on the Internet!
The Orthogays Homepage: A safe place for information about being gay and frum
The Orthodykes Homepage: A safe place for orthodox lesbians in Israel
The Gay and Lesbian Yeshiva and Hebrew Day School Alumni Association
The Frum GLB Jews Homepage: A place to get information about coming out and being frum
The Frum GLB Jews Home Page: A place to put up your own story about being frum and GLBT
The Open Halacha Page on Halacha and Homsexuality: A place to look up various responsa on homosexuality
GAON: The Gay Orthodox Network of the UK: A Place for frum GLBT Jews in the UK
OrthoDykes - New York: A Place for frum lesbian women in New York to meet
HOD - Homosexualim Datiim -- An Israeli frum gay men's group: Based at "The Agudah: The GLBT Israel Alliance
Chofetz Chaim: London's frum gay synagogue
The Tzvi Aryeh AIDS Foundation

General Jewish GLBT sites on the Internet

Twice Blessed: The Jewish GLBT archives online
GayJews.Net: A Place to Meet That Special Someone (Not Affiliated with GayJews.Org)
Congregation Beth Simchat Torah: The world's largest GLBT outreach synagogue
The World Congress of Gay and Lesbian Jewish Organizations
Ha'asiron Ha'acher, The other 10% society: The GLBT student group at Hebrew University
The Jerusalem Open House: A Place in Jerusalem for GLBT Jews
Aviva's Jewish Lesbian Resources Page
Maidelah's Jewish Transgender Page
The Jewish Queer Youth Home Page

Divrei Torah on the Internet

The OU's Weekly Parshat Hashavuah
Daf Hayomi from Ohr Someyach Interactive
Rabbi Pliskin's Daily Lift
Learn more about the Jewish Holidays from the Orthodox Union
Ask the Rabbi at Ohr Someyach Interactive
See the Western Wall Live From Aish Hatorah World Headquarters in Jerusalem
The OU's Online Torah Directory

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