Porter is a band out of the York, Pennsylvania area that have been rockin for some 5 years or so now, and hopefully will continue to do so for some time to come. They play a loud and heavy style of rock that is sure to get the crowd thrashin and beer drinkin within seconds of hitting the stage. The band consists of a bass, a drum, a trombone and a vocalist; a unique setup indeed. Don't think for one second that this is some ska band with a horn, for Porter lays down some of the thickest and heaviest shit out there, without sounding like any other band, and always keeping it fresh. Bob High, vocalist, can scream with the best of them, and he holds a stage personna that many other national artist's frontmen wish they had. Tony's drum playing is some of the best around, and though he has obvious Melvins influence, he has definately developed a style all of his own. Brad plays the bass in such a way that he completely eliminates the need for a guitar in the band, while Matt plays a kick ass trombone in a twisted style of no other horn player that I've heard. All of this comes together to form one of the most powerful sounding bands around, and one only needs to witness one live show to see what I'm talking about. Other than a couple of compilations and a seven inch, thaere is not a whole lot of recorded stuff available from these guys yet, but they do play out in various large cities on the East Coast, so if you ever get a chance to catch them, do it. You can also email me if you want info on how and when you can catch them.


Unfortunately, Porter is no longer in existance, which sux for those of us who greatly enjoyed their presence in this lame ass South Central Pennsylvania music scene. as well as those yet to be exposed. With the exception of one rare 7" and a few scattered recordings owned by few people, not a whole lot exists for anyone to explore this band. A project formed by former Porter members, called Goatkiller, is semi-existant at this time. This project may be able fill a void left in this area, but by no means can ever replace.


Shit, I haven't updated this section for fucking years! Anyway, for those interested.... Bobby High is currently a pro-boxer, and I don't believe he's currently doing anything musical. Brad has a top notch job in Boston and still rocks the bass, though I don't think he's currently in a band. Tony is somewhere doing something, and occasionally rocks clubs as a drummer for various bands I believe. Matt I believe is married or getting married. The short lived Goatkiller is defunct. Contact me if you're interested in hearing any Porter, I can dig up a song or two for you.


Ok, another loooong overdue update....For approximately a year or so, there has been in existance a band called HORSECOP, yet another continuation of the Porter legacy. Horsecop features Bobby High on vocals. Recently, they are to be included on the up and comming MENTORS tribute cd. For info on the band or and available recordings, email horsecoppa@yahoo.com.

Best description would be a combination of Slayer, Morbid Angel, Melvins, with some Kyuss thrown in for good measure. Bizzare.


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