Greeting and welcome to the Canadian Plymouth Rock clubs web page. 
The Plymouth Rock is a dual purpose bird,meaning it is good for both eggs
and the table.They are a docile  bird and easily raised which stand to 
reason for their popularity. They are  available in many different 
varieties in commercial and exhibition stock.They are one of the most 
popular birds in the showroom today. The Canadian Plymouth Rock club can
be traced well back over 50 years,Many believe that the late Mr.C.V.Cassidy 
was responsible for the founding of the club,He was best known for his 
breeding and exhibition of some of the finest standard Barred Rocks of his 
Time.His name is still synonomous with  Barred Rocks today.His Line of 
Barred Rocks are still bred to this day.but due to lack of information and
lack of interest and management at times throughout its history finding 
information on the club is scarce. 

     The Canadian Plymouth Rock Club has gained renewed interest and is 
going strong today with its current membership and promotion of this 
Majestic breed. We have members in 5 of Canadas 10 provinces,with a quarterly 
informative Newsletter,containing information on Plymouth Rocks,and keeping 
of these majestic birds in general,photo,tips and information on club meets 
and results.We have a breeders point system set up and a buy sell trade 
section.We can also help members locate breeding stock. We have specialty 
ribbons and certificates Memberships are $5.oo for Jrs(16 and under) and 
$10.00,for Srs for memberships and meets contact The Canadian Plymouth Rock Club 
c/o John Gohm,RR#1,Eden,Ontario,Canada,NOJ IHO (For a sample newsletter please 
send a self addressed stamped envelope along with $1.00 to above address)

                         ***Come Back Often for updates***


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