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Most universities define Classics as encompassing every area related to the study of the Greek and Roman worlds, including the study of the Greek and Latin languages, ancient history, and literature. This is an area of my life I feel very passionately about. In fact, you might almost say I'm evangelistic. I hope that, if you're not already a believer, this page can do something to convert you to Classics.

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Why is this called The Fanatical Classics Page? Well, calling it The Classics Page seemed a bit arrogant given that there are much better Classics resources on the Net than this one. And since the goal of this page is to entertain, inform, and convince as many of you as possible to take up Greek and Latin, whether you be a high school student, a university student, or someone much older than that, I felt The Fanatical Classics Page was appropriate. Believing that everyone should study Classics is a bit fanatical, I've been told, even for a classicist... or so I've been told.

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