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Photo Info:

  1. Top Left- A Roll of Paper Print Film from the Library of Congress, circa 1943
  2. Bottom Left- Inspection Table Library of Congress Motion Picture Conservation Center, Dayton Ohio.
  3. Center- Ad for DePue Optical Printer, Circa 1929
  4. Top Right- Bill Ault at UCLA copying Paper Prints from LOC, circa 1980 (courtesy UCLA Film and Television Archive)
  5. Bottom Right- Optical Printer designed by Carl Louis Gregory of the National Archives circa 1943.

Preservation Articles:


Preservation of Historic Films
An article from Transactions of the SMPE from 1926 regarding Film Preservation and Historical Importance of Films.

Tranferring Nitrate-base Motion Pictures to New Stock
A July 1982 Article from Technical Photography detailing the methods of the National Archives in transferring Nitrate film to safety film.

Restoration of the 1921 Maurice Tourneur Film "THE CUB"
A report on a unique joint effort of the National Archives of Canada, Library of Congress and George Eastman House along with the AFI in restoring this film utilizing existing 28mm elements.

Optical Printer Article from SMPE 1940
This article is from the files of the SMPE (Society of Motion Picture Engineers)Journal, December 1940. Authored by then head of the Library of Congress Motion Picture Division John Bradley, this article describes Specifications of an Optical designed to handle Shrunken and brittle film.

A Short History of the Paper Print Restoration Project at the Library of Congress
An article I wrote that appeared in the AMIA newsletter, Spring 1997 issue, that mainly deals with the current restoration of the Paper Print material currently being done at the Library's Motion Picture Conservation Center in Dayton, Ohio. Also contains a short history of the project.

Gallery (Various Images of Preservation, Equipment, etc)

Preservation Images:
Equipment Images:
Technicolor Lab on Wheels 1916/17:
Nitrate Testing:
Misc.: (Stills, Lobby Cards, Posters, Etc.)

Pioneers in Film Biographies:

Also under construction- will contain short biographical sketches of industy pioneers, some well known, some not, but all made significant contributions to the development of the film industry.

Carl Louis Gregory
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"Can You Identify any of these People??"

This is a picture of some of the individuals in attendance in 1948 at the Nitrate Storage Test performed by the National Archives and National Bureau of Standards in Beltsville, MD. If you have any information on any of these people please email me at : buckeyg@hotmail.com

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