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The Olympic Class Liners

Olympic, Titanic, Britannic, Gigantic, Titanic II

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Welcome to my new Olympic Class Liners Homepage. Here you can find detailed Information about RMS Titanic and her Sister-ships RMS Olympic and HMHS Britannic. Also everything that is known about the Oceanic and Gigantic can be found here. Last but not least I added some Information about Titanic II, an nearly exact rebuild of the original Titanic, that sunk on April the 15th 1912.

On the following picture you can see the typical form of an Olympic Class Liner. This one is RMS Titanic leaving for her maiden voyage. The Olympic Class Liners were all designed by Thomas Andrews, who died on the sinking Titanic. The ships were owned by White Star Line, which was leaded by Bruce Ismay, a Survivor of the Titanic Disaster.

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The 3 Sister Ships Titanic, Olympic and Brittanic were mostly identical, so the technical data of the Titanic should be representive for the other ships:

Technical Data of RMS Titanic:

With 46328 tons she was the largest ship in the world. With a bulk of 32 m (105 feet) from keel to bridge and an overall lenght of 269 m (883 feet) and a width of 28 m (92 feet) the Titanic seemed to be gigantic. Her walls jutted out 21 m (69 feet) above water level, i.e. as high as a seven-storey building. Each funeral was 15 m (46 feet) high. There were 16 life boats + 4 Capables on board. The Titanic had 8 cargo cranes and was praised as unsinkable because of a special construction: The Titanic was divided in 16 watertight bulkheads which ran vertically through the ship.


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Titanic II


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