What's new

August-September 1999:
added 1997 statement by Fr. Luburic
added 1996 and 1998 letters by Abp. Bertone
added 1998 comments by Bp. Peric
reconstructed the site using Latte HTML generator
July 1998:
added the June 1996 Vatican press office statement
added 1997 documents: the interview, the letter to M. Boutet
added 1993 interview with Bishop Peric
added 1990 BCY decision
added Bishop Zanic's declaration given at Medjugorje
added Bishop Zanic's 1985 directives to the pastor of St James parish
added Bishop Zanic's statement of February 1990
added Abp. Honoré's teaching on "The Tide of Vain Credulity"
1 July:
created the understatedly splashy entrance page
started this page and the "About" page