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Richard Chonak is a web developer in Stoneham, Massachusetts.


Some of the documents on this site were originally written in other languages: mainly Croatian and French. We have obtained the translations from various books, periodicals, and web sources, including one original translation. Sometimes the texts presented are double-translations: from Croatian to Italian (or some other language), and then to English.

We seek to improve the quality of the texts we present, in particular by obtaining original-language versions where possible.


Thanks to:
The previous publishers of these documents, including Fr. Ivo Sivric, OFM, Psilog, L'Osservatore Romano, and Fidelity magazine (now Culture Wars)
The providers of these web sites: PetersNet, EWTN, the Marian Library, Alice Gless, Christus Rex, and the Marian Archive.
The developers of HTML authoring toolkit Latte.