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Chancas Amazon Rainforest Adventure Expeditions
Chancas Expeditions offers you the adventure of a lifetime in the Amazon rainforest jungles of Peru´s Pacaya - Samiria National Reserve.






























Pacaya-Samiria Reserve
This trip was accepted by Peru´s tourism promotion agency, PromPeru, to be included in their AL TUR 2000 catalog of innovative tours that combine local participation and respect for environment.

Pacaya Samiria Nature ReserveOne of the best adventures that Peru offers is a visit to the Amazon rainforest jungle and in the Peruvian amazon one of the areas with the greatest diversification of animals is the Pacaya-Samiria Nature Reserve. During the dry season the area is full of wildlife and it is possible to see tapir, jaguar and a great variety of monkeys and an uncountable variety of birds. During the wet season the area is flooded forest and mammals are limited to those that live in the water, or in trees such as birds, monkeys and sloths. Our trip begins in Tarapoto from where we travel by land and riverboat to the village of Lagunas on the southern edge of the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve. From Lagunas we enter a small tributary of the Samiria river to begin our expedition into the reserve traveling by dugout canoe and camping at night on the beaches in dry periods and during the flooded periods sleeping on temporary platforms. The normal length of this trip is 9 days and the time spent in Reserve is 6 days and 5 nights. The last day in Lagunas after leaving the Pacaya-Samiria reserve you can have the option to travel down the Huallaga River to the Aipana River where pink freshwater river dolphins are frequently seen.

This is an unforgettable trip into virgin rainforest, little exertion is required but due to the isolation of area and extended periods traveling in dugout canoe we recommend limiting this trip to children over 12 years.

For a detailed description on trips to the Pacaya Samiria Reserve see our Web Site it´s a jungle out there... in colaboration with the the Company of Tourist Services and Ecological Protection, Lagunas S.A.

Cost each:
(2 or 3) $ 850.00 USD
(4 or more) $ 775.00 USD

The cost of this trip covers meals, hotel in Tarapoto, and Lagunas, camping equipment, all transportation from and to the airport in Tarapoto, transportation to Lagunas and return to Tarapoto and the participation of a local guide and an English-speaking guide.
Not included are commercial airfares, alcoholic and soft drinks, extra meals, tips, airport taxes or other personal expenditures.

Abiseo River National Park, camping.

Abiseo River National ParkBeginning in the high jungle city of Tarapoto in N.E. Peru, you will travel by road 140 km. to the jungle town of Juanjui where, after spending the night in a local hotel, you will begin your trip up the Huayabamba and Abiseo Rivers by motorized boat into the Abiseo River National Park. The park was founded in 1983 and has been closed to visitors. Inside the park you will be in a paradise of virgin jungle and cloud forests with crystal waters, cascades and great diversity of wildlife such as: Howler monkeys, the Tamarin monkeys, the nearly extinct Yellow-tailed Wooly monkey, river otters, tapirs, the bispeckled bear, jaguar, a great variety of birds including macaws, parrots, toucans and touncanets and official bird of Peru the Cock-of-the-Rock.

Abiseo, rainforest, jungleYou will set up base camp in front of the spectacular Timon Waterfall, a natural shower. On your first full day in the Park you will be transported up the Abiseo River to a point near the junction with the Montecristo River where the motorized boat will return to the base camp. Camping in the solitude of the jungle will give you the opportunity to see some of the animals that inhabit the park. On the following day you will begin the return by inflatable river raft navigating the Class II and III rapids with time for exploring the crystal waters of side streams that fall into the Abiseo.Your last night in the park will be spent at the base camp and the following morning you will raft to the mouth of the Abiseo from where the motorized boat will meet the group for the return trip to Juanjui and Tarapoto.

This trip is available between June and October, during the dry season in the jungle, and requires a minimum of 4. Total time 6 days and 5 nights - 3 nights camping within the Abiseo National Park.

The cost of this trip covers meals, hotel one night in Juanjui, hotel one night in Tarapoto, camping equipment (except for sleeping bags or sheets), transportation from and to the airport in Tarapoto, land transportation to and from Juanjui, and the participation of an English-speaking guide and a local guide knowledgable in flora and fauna of the area.
Not included: airfares, alcoholic and soft drinks, extra meals, tips, airport taxes or other personal expenditures.
Price each: 4 - 5 $ 500.00 USD / 6+ $ 450.00

Los Chancas Expeditions
Jirón Rioja 357, Tarapoto, Peru
Telephone: 51-94-52-2616