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Peter (Stormy) Hyde in the Aldgate Workshop

Studio: "Braidwood" Edgeware Road, Aldgate South Australia
Mail: PO Box 148, Aldgate, South Australia 5154
Tel/Fax:  +61 (08) 8339 5436

I have just launched my new range of Button Accordions that are the result of 22 years of research and development into the use of Australian native, exotic and introduced (pest) species of timbers.

Over the past 22 years,  a lot of assistance has been given to me, by many people, into the development of the first Australian Accordion, and thereafter, a range of fine instruments.

Thanks have to go to:
the Australia Council who gave me the grant that got me into making accordions;
Craft Australia who gave me very good P.R.,
to people like John Meredith, Arthur Bower and Peter Ellis;
and to all those customers and friends who pushed me into making new designs that they themselves wanted - their assistance and patience has been immeasurable.

Having taken up new studios and residence at the historic "Braidwood" in the township of Aldgate, amidst the picturesque Adelaide Hills, the new line of "Hyde Accordions" (that are second to none!!) are being produced for the Australian and export markets.

I will continue to repair and tune your instruments, combining the benefits of this new creative environment, and a very well organised studio and workshop.

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