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This is the easiest and cheapest way to jug fish. I buy drinks in the 20 ounce size just because I keep the jugs for my floats down river. Wash them out and spray paint with a neon orange or green paint. I always write my name on the jugs to discourage other people from picking them up. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. But I find that if a jug doesn't have a name the other person will assume that the jug was left behind and they'll nab the fish. If you do put your name on it..the consion works miracles sometimes. When you get done spray painting them, pick up a few gravel and put inside the jugs. You'll find that night fishing is a little better because of those gravel. You can hear when a fish strikes the jug. After your fishing trip just roll the line up and put the hook under a 1/8 inch rubber band. The band keeps your line from getting tangled and saves a big mess. Then the jugs can be stored neatly and they will be waiting on your next decision to jug fish.