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Off the northern coast of South America is where you will find Margarita island.The island is fair sized (940 sq km.) and is not what some people think a tropical paradise like st.thomas st.tropez or tobago etc., its not as "rich" with tons of luxury hotels and casinos with a bunch of cabana boys running around saying "please please looki looki !!!", it's still very young and undeveloped but will probably not stay that way for to long being the climate there is perfect plus it's outside the "huricane belt" wich makes it a year round destination. The beaches are super nice and uncrowded with an ever lasting sunshine, and really friendly people. The food is superb, especially the fish, (but also the meat is of the best choice), so ordering food here is never a problem. And when you're there you will totally crack up when you take a ride in their taxi cabs, they are NOT as they say in the travel magazines 50's and 60's American cromed cars, NO WAY they are crappy old 70's Oldsmobil and Chevys with no lights and four different wheels that the US goverment sent down for free on a boat because it's cheaper than wrecking them at home. Make sure not to take a taxi on a sunday because that's when EVERYBODY drinks, yes even the taxi drivers!!! -so whatch out.

When your'e in Margarita looking for wind there's only one place to go; El yaque beach. This is a place where you could almost get a 100% wind gurantee, it blows here year round though strongest march thruogh june (4.5 and under). Waters here are flat and waist deep for 400m and on the outside there are big rolling swells.The water tempature is a comfortable 27c and air temp. at 31c pretty much all year.

Me (peter) and Cissi went there in Januari '98 for two weeks and we had the best time ever. We sailed everyday from 11 in the mornning with a 6.0, til 5 in the afternoon when most everyone was using a 4.5-5.0, that´s what i call a complete day. After a day of intense surf like that all you want to do is sit and relax with an ice cold bottle of Polar lager beer (their local beer) and watch as the wind slowly dies out and the sun sets under the horizon.
There are about 10 different places to rent gear from at El yaque beach We rented our equipment at
Sharks, and at the time we where there they had F2, Bic, Nielpryde and Gaastra and lots of it. The people working there where really nice and helpful, we thought it was the best setup of all the rental places there where to choose from. Besides of all the good equipment, they had an excellent cafe´/restaurant with superb food. And as if that wasn´t enough the people that owned it also had apartments to rent right on the beach, that´s complete!.