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Borstahusens Surf Akademi is located on the eastern side of Oresund wich is the water that divides Sweden and Denmark. "Borstahusen" is a 200 year old fishing village on the west coast of Sweden. Windsurfers have been around these grouds since about 1976, but did't get really established until 1979 when someone saw the potential growth of Windsurfing and opened a rental shack on the beach. And from then on there have always been Windsurfing activities going on around here.
The windsurfing season is from mid March to mid October, with the best winds blowing during spring and fall. Although the season is mainly during the summer, there are always a few brave people windsurfing troughout the whole winter.
Our facilities at the club are really good, since we are a part of the yacht club, we have access to great locker rooms with showers and a sauna(wich is great to have when surfing in 39f ice cold water). There´s plenty of parking for any size car or surfbuss right next to the rigging area, and when you rig your gear you rig it on grass.

The general surf area around here is not by any means radical. For the first 200 yards its shallow with a sandy bottom, altough there are some nasty rocks close to shore. When it´s a westerly wind (onshore), you can sail along the coast for miles at a time but still in waist deep water, that's a perfect enviroment for a windsurfer just starting out. When the wind picks up and if it turns to the southwest or northwest you can get a really big swell on the outside where jumping is not a problem, but sometimes the currents can be pretty strong.
Once in a while when the surf around the harbour isn´t enough and the wind is right, we´ll just surf straight out west to the island of Hven wich is located right between Denmark and Sweden. This might not sound to exciting, but considering the water between Denmark and Sweden is one of the busiest in the world with shipping vessels and ferries it makes it pretty damn exciting. Now you might be thinking "what if the wind dies out?!"
oh well, shit happens!