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Just Freeriding? Freeriding is the universal description for just getting out there and
shreddin' it up. No matter what it is Freeriding on a snowboard, Freeridin' on a
mountain bike or Freeriding on a windsurfer. For many people this is what Freesports are all about, no limits, no competition, no pressure, just ripping it up for the sheer hell of it, on lakes or seas, flat water or in the waves, Freeriding is not just a riding style, Freeriding is a lifestyle !

Windsurf racing is designed to maximise the conditions and grabspectator's attention. traditional yachting triangles are obsolete, racing varies from ultra-technical course racing coving the entire spectrun of wind angles, to off the wind slalom blasts with fast 'make or break' turns, in a series of rapid succession heart grabbing heats. Whatever the format, racing delivers high speed cut and thrust competition with a clear winner every time


Take the beauty, dynamic and natural fluidlty of riding waves,add the power of a
sail and the waves becme ramps, launch pads for stratospheric, strapped on, warped action. Wave performance lies somewheer between surfing and hangliding; to many it's the ultimate form of windsurf competition, to others it's the only way to express personal freedom on a windsurfer. Whatever your bias, wave sailing delivers the most radical and innovative freesports action available.


A race against time: no turns, no bumps, just hyper wind and the flattest 500
metres of water that you can pray for. The sole desire is a flat out burn up, faster
than anyone before, faster than any wind driven rider on the planet. Water-skiers
will tell you that water feels like concrete at 40kph: speed sailors hit it at 80kph plus !


The perfect vehicle to take the windsurfing spectacle to the people, Indoor
combines high speed racing and spectacular jumping with full on rock show.
The atmosphere is electric, the light shows insane, a 10,000 strong crowd roars
approval at the big moves and Mexican waves spin round the stadium. There's
no better way to see the world's best windsurfers and the only way to get closer is to be in the race
yourself, Indoor leaves you breathless : the ultimate freesports show


This year sees the birth of a new world cup discipline. The newest and fastest
growing discipline of windsurfing has evolved out of wave sailing and old school
long board freestyling. Windsurfers sailing short boards on flat water have adapted
moves from these two disciplines, added a few of their own and, hey presto,
invented Freestyle. Freestyle doesn't require waves or high winds, it's performe close to shore in
front of huge crowds and has a relaxed feel which the spectators and competitors love. Freestyle
has it's roots firmly placed in a format of windsurfing that is accessible for the public both to watch
and to attempt. Freestyle Windsurfing has fallen into line with Freestyle snowboarding, Freestyle
BMX and can best be described as the equivalent of 'skateboarding on water'.

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