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In the southern part of Sweden you will find several good windsurfing spots. The windsurfing season starts in April and lasts until November. During mild winters sailing i possible if you don't think 5-10 C is too cold. A seaweed fin is necessary during the summer months. Standard slalom and wave fins are normally not suitable. Most of the sites have sandy beaches and clean water. No tides, but the water level varies depending on weather conditions. Half to full wet suit required in the summer. Winter sailing requires a dry suit. Parking and rigging conditions are generally good if not stated otherwise. South-westerly winds are dominating during the summer. Best windsurfing condition are after a cold front stretching out from a low pressure moving eastward from Norway's south tip to Balticum. This gives stable heavy westerly winds. Easterly winds are normally gusty and usually blow during early spring.
If you have a spot you wanto add to this page just e-mail us with the info and we will put it in here.




Vejbystrand is located in the bay between Hallandsasen and Kullen, just 10
km north of Angelholm. Follow the roadsigns from Angelholm towards Bastad
and turn left at Barkakra church and follow the road to Vejbystarnd. The
road will lead you down to the harbour. Vejbystrand is a small very nice
summer resort with a resturant and kiosk just down at the little harbour.

West to north west gives you perfect wave riding waves, excelent jumping
conditions. North west is the best. Go out just south of the harbour where
the conditions are good, pick up speed and meet the big waves braking up at
Vejby udde. Big jumps guaranteed, gybe and wave ride back to the harbour.
Watch out when falling and wasched up on the beach, lots of nasty rocks,
walk back with the board to the harbour and start of in better contition
behind the harbour. (It will save a lot of time and expensive fins)
Vejbystarnd is mostley occupied by locals (Black point), a bunch of crazy
rippers. But very friendly if you want advice on the shore.

Parkinplace very close to the beach/harbour. Large grass sites close for
rigging. Restaurant and kiosk with toilet availible during the summer.



Angelholm is located in the bay between Hallandsasen and Kullen, two heights famous for
its beauty and unique nature. Angelholm is a nice little town. The surf spot is located near a
resturant at the beach called Klitterhus. You find it by driving to the beach and keeping right
when you have a choice. Beach is STRAND in swedish so find a roadsign with the text
STRAND and follow it.

West to north west gives you perfect wave riding waves, excellent jumping condition. In
west winds it can be a bit tricky since it is close to onshore but north west is just excellent.
At south west you will find it very flat. This place can be a little tricky when it is very strong
winds i.e 3.5 m2 and less. But once your are outside where the big ones break it is heaven
on earth. This place is mostly occupied by locals, beware theese guys are excellent. If you
get tired just sit down on the beach and enjoy the show.

There are sanitary facilites close to the parking lot. And there is a camp site west of the surf


Jonstorp is located straight west over the bay from Angelholm. When you get into the
community wich is very small turn left at the fire force building. Close to the church and the
food store (ICA). If you end up at the harbour you are too far out on Kullen wich is the
name of the land stretch pointing out into the water.

Jonstorp is the home waters of Mattias Holmberg (S 17). This is probablu the only place on
the west coast where you will find decent conditions when the wind is a little on the east.
The conditions here is then nice for slalom and race boards. At west winds the locals claim
that there are excellent wave conditions at a mussle reaf.

No sanitiary facilities and no camp site nearby. The closest is towards Molle located at the
ewnd of Kullen. Molle is a very beautiful little peaceful fishing community known for its good
cliff bath Ransvik located a bit further out on Kullen.



North of Helsinborg. Follow the road to Höganas.

Locals says it is good. Anyone that can fill in?
Windsurfing club



Just north of the city centre about 2 km along the coast there is a windsurfing site called
Vikingsstrand just before the road climbs up the hill.

This site is best in NW winds and the swell coming from the open sea creates good
condition for both slalom and wave sailing. Due to the strong current in the Sound between
Sweden and Denmark this site is only for advanced to expert sailing. Locals sometimes sail
across to Denmark (illegal) when conditions are fine. It takes about 6-8 minutes (the ferry
takes 25 minutes)
Almost in the city so everything is close to you. There is a nice little outdoor bathing place
with sauna just south of the surfspot called Palsjobaden. Try it!





This old fishing village is just south of Helsingborg. Just follow the road towards
Rydeback/Landskrona and when you see a Water Tower on your right, turn next right so
you end up south of the harbour. Big open space for rigging. A lot of people in the summer
(parking problem!) and sometimes also in the water. Take care!
Best in SW too NW winds. Suitable for intermediate sailing. Look out for the sand banks.
Toilett, shower, Fast Food?




This summer village is a few kilometers south of Raa. Follow the road towards Landskrona
and turn right when you see a Green house (PETAB).
Best in SW too NW winds. Suitable for intermediate sailing. Look out for the sand banks
and rocks.
? Local 'Fortuna Beach Surf Club'.



The home of BSA is an Old fishing village just 3 km north of Landskrona. Nowadays fashionable suburb to Landskrona. Windsurfing south of the harbour. Prohibited north of harbour, but this is where the best waves are during NW winds so screw the rules
Best in SW-NW winds. Suitable for beginner to expert sailing. Sand bottom rocks close to shore
Large famous camping 1 km north of harbour, complete dressing rooms with showers and sauna. Large grass area for rigging



One of the oldest towns in Scania. Had a peak in the 1960-70 with heavy industries like a
huge shipyard. Windsurfing south of the city in 'Lundåkrabukten'. The local spot is at
'Lundåkrahamnen' in the south part of the industrial area where there is flat water sailing.
Shallow and suitable for slalom.
Local windsurfing club ARIS.




Another old fishing village. Neibour with one of Sweden's largest nuclear power station.
Link to another guide (in Swedish)
? Somebody who knows.
Camping north of the village.



Lomma is a suburb in Malmo. Follow the local roads to the north pier of the harbour. Just
north of the pier is an area reserved for windsurfers. The local club LBWS (biggest in
Sweden) has its meeting point here. You can call LBWS automatic wind service to get the
average wind speed and direction for the past 10 minutes in English (nat 040-41 06 93, int
+46 40 41 06 93 ).
Lomma offer challenges for both the beginner and the advanced windsurfer. Large areas
with flat shallow water (at Habo Ljung) and a sandy bottom are ideal for the beginner to
learn water starts and jibes. During the summer LBWS offers training for beginners and you
can hire equipment. Best wind direction is SW-NW. In heavy SW wind huge waves will
meet the skilled windsurfer far away from the beach. Some of the best Swedish windsurfers
come from Lomma.
For members LBWS has some facilities, otherwise normal beach facilities are available
during the summer. South and north of Lomma along the coast there are campsites.



Klagshamn is south of Malmo. This site is on a peninsula gained from the sea. Follow sign
for the harbour but turn left just before you get there.
Klagshamn is similar to Lomma. You will find huge areas with flat shallow water. Ideal if you
are afraid of deep water. Look out for rocks altough most of them are marked out. Best wind direction is S-NW.

The local windsurfing club has member facilities.



World Cup sailor Peter Forslin S-471 comes from this village.
? let us know........



Situated at the south-east corner of Skane this spot offers hard conditions for the expert
sailer in NE to SE wind. Maui like the locals say at 30-40 knots (15-20 m/s)!
Hard, strong current and only for experts.



Another old fishing village on the east coast of Skane. In this town the famous 'ABSOLUT
VODKA' is produced. Two spots, Revhaken and Taeppet. Revhaken is best in E-NE in
the autumn when the swell can be fine. Can be difficult to find, drive towards Aespet and
ask somebody for the way. Limited space for rigging. Taeppet is best in E-NE but even SE
or S can be good. Ahus Windsurfing Club has its facilities on the pier. Windsurfing school
and shop on the nearby beach. Turn towards Taeppet in the roundabout in Ahus to get to
this spot.

Fine swell in E-NE wind.

Local club.



Lake in the middle of Scania. Drinkwater is taken from this quite polluted lake. Don't
swallow the water!

?Gusty winds




Lake in the north just west of Hässleholm. Don't swallow the water! Local club that mainly
use large boards.

Conditions? Gusty winds




The Falsterbo peninsula offers windsurfing in a wide range of conditions from beginners up expert sailors sailers. Below are some of the popular spots.



Hollviken is an old summer village about 25 km south of Malmo. During the past 20 years
Hollviken has turned into a suburb of Malmo. Just along the road by the water there is a
parking place at the second traffic light. Limited parking space.
This is an ideal spot for the beginner with almost no chop and shallow water. Best wind
direction is W-N.
Facilities None, see Falsterbo




When you leave Hollviken and have passed the man-made channel called 'The Falsterbo
Channel' you enter Ljunghusen another suburb to Malmo and former summer village. Turn
left at the first traffic light and drive straight down to the beach. Note that windsurfing not is
allowed east of a road called 'Parkvagen'. Limited parking space in the holiday season.
Intermediate to expert sailing in E-SE wind direction. The current is sometimes strong when
going west. Good wave sailing in strong wind. Heavy breakwater that needs jumps to pass
in SE wind. Watch out for rocks about 700 meters in south direction.
None, see Falsterbo. Local inhabitants don't like windsurfers.



SKANOR - Soptippen

On the east side of Skanor is a windsurfing site called 'Soptippen' (City dump). To get there
turn right in the first (and only) roundabout on the Falsterbo peninsula. After about 1 km turn
right when the road makes a sharp left turn. Parking only 10 meters from the water.
Sandy bottom and flat shallow water with almost no chop make this site ideal for speed
sailing. Beginners will have a lot of fun here. Best wind direction for speed sailing is E-NE.
Other good wind directions are N-SE. In straight N wind it is possible to sail across the bay
to Hollviken. Some rocks halfway which might be difficult to locate.
Toilet, See Falsterbo



SKANOR - Harbour

Skanor is an old village from the herring period that peaked about 700 years ago.
Nowadays a suburb to Malmo and a summer village. Follow road sign to the harbour,
which was built by man in the beginning of this century.
Suitable for intermediate to expert sailing. In WSW to NW wind fine waves are created
north of the harbour. The breakwater can be heavy and perfect jibes are necessary. South
of the harbour advanced and expert surfers will find rough conditions with choppy waves
and strong current. When sunny in the summer the sandy beach is crowded with people and
windsurfing is not recommended.
Normal harbour/beach facilities, see Falsterbo




Falsterbo is a twin village to Skanor dating from the Middle Age when herring was fished
and sold around the Baltic Sea. Between World War I and II, famous people met at
'Falsterbohus', now converted to flats and enjoyed the long sandy beaches and the nice
summer weather. In the autumn people from all over Europe come to watch birds flying
south for the winter. Windsurfing is possible on both the west and south beaches. No
parking places close to the beach. Nearest to the beach is a site called 'The Museum'.
Limited parking, especially in the summer. About 200 m to the beach. When sunny in the
summer the sandy beach is crowded with people and windsurfing is not recommended.
By the Museum E-S winds will give the intermediate to advanced windsurfer an experience
in choppy water and gusty winds. Waves are only fine in heavy wind from ESE. Note that
sailing is restricted close to the tiny island 'MAKLAPPEN' (see map) where seals and rare
birds have a piece of land for themselves.
In the east part of Falsterbo is a big camping site close to the water. Sailing is possible here
but east of the camping site sailing is restricted until July 15 (see map). Closest windsurfing
shops can be found in Malmo (35 km).




Another summer village and suburb to Malmo next to Hollviken. Follow the road signs for
'Trelleborg' and turn right second last road before you leave 'Kampinge'. Parking is limited in
the holiday season. An alternative start point is east of the 'Falsterbo Channel'. Follow the
east road along the channel. Large parking area in the south end. When sunny in the summer
the sandy beach is crowded with people and windsurfing is not recommended.
Sometimes fine swell from the Baltic Sea when strong straight S wind. Intermediate to
expert sailing. Best sailing in SSE-SSW wind. Watch out for stones in the east part of the
None. See Falsterbo



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