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Thuggish Ruggish Television

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Yo Wassup! This page is about the Bone Thugs Video that I'm selling. I'm doing this for all the Bone fans that havn't had a chance to see alot of the interviews, performances, and videos that they have done. This tape is a (COPY) so don't get me wrong not everything is perfect, but mostely all of it is. The video costs $20. The video is aroud 3 houre and 53 minutes so it's pretty long. The track list is at the bottom so you can see whats on the video. I accept only cash or money orders. If you want to order this video just e-mail me at the bottom of the page.

Track List

1. Intro

2. For the Love of $ (partII)

3. Thuggish Ruggish Bone

4. E. 1999

5. 1st of tha Month

6. Buddah Lovas

7. Tha Crossroads

8. Look Into My Eyes

9. If I Could Teach The World

10. BNK

11. Thugz Cry

12. Nothing but the Bone in Me

13. Worl so Cruel

14. For the Love of $ (parI)

15. Tha Crossroads (partII)

16. The Points (Bone verses only)

17. Falling

18. War

19. All Good

20. Ghetto Cowboy

21. Give up the Ghost

22. Ballers Flossin

23. Trials & Tribulations

24. Days of our Lives

25. **Bonus** Real Compton City G's (Eazy E)

26. Singing Body Rott in concert

27. Performing Tha Crossroads at the VMA

28. Performing Look Into My Eyes on Keenen Ivory Show

29. Performing Thuggish, 4 Love of $, & 1st of tha Month

30. Performing Tha Crossroads on N.Y Undercover

31. Performing Give up the Ghost On Keenen Ivory Show

32. Performing Day & Night on the Planet

33. Performing IICTTW on the Planet

34. Breakdown

35. Performing Playa Hater on the Planet

36. Performing Look Into My Eyes on the Planet

37. Performing Ballers Flossin on the Planet

38. Performing Tha Crossroads on the Planet

39. Bone On Mtv Lyrically Incorret

40. Bone Interview on how they hooked up with E

41. Interview on the Planet

42. Bone hosting Mtv Yo Raps in Hawaii

43. Bone hosting Yo Playing Basketball

44. Bone hosting Yo in Long Island N.Y

45. Flesh, Bizzy, & Run hosting Yo Raps

46. Bone with Eazy on Yo

47. Layzie & Krayzie on Rap City

48. Krayzie on Mtv

49. Mo Thugs Special Interview

50. Heaven'z Movie commercial

51. Interview with Bizzy on the Planet

52. Bizzy on Mtv news

53. Commercial for the collection

54. Heaven'z Movie commercial #2

55. Mo Thugs commercial for the reunion

More Coming Soon

Also Available!

*Again these are COPIES of the music videos & movies.

If you want to order or have any questions e-mail me.

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And I also need some Bone videos and other stuff. I'm willing to trade or buy them off of anybody. So if you got anything that I don't have on this Bone list then hit me up with some mail. I can trade you or buy em from you.

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