List of paintings:

Cherub with yellow hair

Clods of dust!

Huge waterfall

Red flowers and coastline

Doomed logger

Painting with good taste

Ow! That smarts!

Mosque in the clouds

Blonde girl sitting

Thatched cottages

Triangular queen

Farm in the snow

Snow scene with bright blue river

Three raccoons

Oh deer!

Twisted figures

Mexican street

Mexican church

Mayan-type faces

Cacti in desert

A fishboat named Thor

Twin boats, grounded

Canyon with suspension bridge

House with wrinkled roof


Sea of Life

Little bird

Giant bird

Mountain with brown field

Mountains in my heart

Stone bridge

Green beach

Bighorn sheep

Oxen pulling wagon

Red hill with bite out of it

Impala hiding in grass

White kitten with pink ears

Huge elk standing in lake

Spring blossoms

Flipper goes to Mars

Yellow waterfall

New acquisitions:

Covered Bridge


Langdale Pikes

Snow telling

Bringer of Jollity

Flour Power

Thumbtacks or trees?

Spat-on Eagle

Free-floating flowers

See this serpent!

There she blows!

Blue whale

Preschool donation

Interior of Barn Toulouse

Visitor admiring paintings

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