Blue Mountain Eagle
1970 USA

Superb West Coast rock comprised of pleasant vocal harmonies and Bob Jones & Joey Newman’s flowing fuzz guitar work. 

1  Love Is Here
2  Yellow's Dream
3  Feel Like A Bandit
4  Troubles
5  Loveless Lives
6  No Regrets
7  Winding Your String
8  Sweet Mama
9  Promise Of Love
10  Trivial Sum

Randy Fuller - bass, guitar, vocal
Bob "BJ" Jones - lead guitar, vocal
Joey Newman - lead guitar, keyboard, vocal
Don Poncher - drums, vocal
David Price - rhythm guitar, vocal

1969 USA

Inventive experimental soft rock album with pleasing blend of vocals and exquisite organ work. 

1 Lullaby Opus Four
2  All I Really Want To Do
3  Friendly Smile
4  Changing Seasons
5  Factory (Version 3)
6  Crystal Chambers
7  Free Fugue
8  Child Of Love
9  For What It's Worth
10  It's All Over Now Baby Blue
11  Words Don't Make It

Michael Chmura - keyboards
Dick La Freniere - guitar
Timothey Griffin - drums, percussion, vocals
Robert La Palm - guitar, vocals
Stephen Walker - bass, lead vocals

Avenue Road
1969 Canada

Melancholia so enchanting!  Unusual matrix of songs cleverly brewed with Aunt Violet’s Knee and Looking Glass highlighting every songwriter’s dream.  Perfect for afternoon listening.

1  I Would Be The One
2  Speaking Of Dreams
3  Colour Her Sunshine
4  Phoebe
5  Aunt Violet's Knee
6  Coming Home Soon
7  Presenting Myself Lightly
8  Looking Glass
9  Beatrice
10  Girl Is Young

Alex Darou - bass
Luke Gibson - 2nd lead singer
Gene Martynec - lead guitar, electric piano, writer & singer
Keith McKie - chief composer, lead singer, guitar
Jimmy Watson - drums, sitar

1973 Germany

Exceptional work blending radically the band members’ distinct cultures into an enigmatic progressive rock masterpiece.

1 Variety
2  Watercorps
3  Drops
4  Draw Conclusions From...
5  Last Door

Gerd Pohl - electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
Ricky Ramor - bass guitar
Rodrigo Ramor - vocals, percussion
Kajo Sandrik - violin, viola, piano, organ, percussion
Frank Voigt - flute, effects
Fried Wordehoff - drums, percussion

Wild Butter
1970 USA

Good vibe West Coast rock with nice blend of vocals and wah wah guitars.  Definitely appealing all throughout.  Recommended to lovers of laid-back style of music.

1  Roxanna (Thank You For Getting Me High)
2  Terribly Blind
3  From One Who Sang The Song
4  Come Fly With Me
5  Oh Martha!
6  Never Comes The Day
7  And We Loved It
8  I've BeenWaiting For You
9  Tommy The Cat
10  New York Mining Disaster 1941

Jerry Buckner - vocals, all keyboard instruments & autoharp
Rick Garen - lead vocals & drums
Steve Price - vocals & bass
Jon Senne - vocals & guitar

The Grey Wizzard Am I
1972 USA

Comprising harmonious vocals with guitar orientated psych rock, tinged with sorrow but lyrically triumphant and happy.  A rarity worth listening.

1  The Grey Wizzard Am I
2  My Elven Home
3  From The Grey Havens
4  Here On Eight Street
5  Go And See
6  The Christmas Song
7  Old Town Church
8  The Home Coming (The Sun Is Down)
9  I Don't Know Why the People
10  Mr. Joe's 
11  Sunshine Down The Line

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