The Team!

Team High Roller originated and is based in Temperance, Michigan (That's Monroe County, home of General Custer, the moron that got himself killed by 10,000 Indians, but he's still famous. Plus Monroe is the World Headquarters of LA-Z-BOY furniture co. You have probably sat in a LAY-Z-BOY in the last 2 hours.) Also, Monroe shocks are named for Monroe, Michigan where the company started. Anyways, that's our claim to fame. The team originated the morning after the first show of Battlebots, season 1. Both members had always liked computers, mechanics, robotics, electronics, and advanced physics way beyond our grasp. Our inside joke is that "The Origin of Time and Space", by Stephen Hawking, would make a good light read before bed. Of course neither of us has actually read it. Work began way to eagerly on our first bot, purchasing something before we had any idea what we were doing, although we have several uses for that part too. But we read all there is to read, and then made educated decisions about what to buy. With everything purchased we blew our accounts, but that didn't deter us. We've kept at it, and we think we'll have a competion bot for the next event, expected in October or November. So anyway, we hope to add another claim to fame to the Monroe county area. The team members are Micheal Williamson and Eric Fischer.
My Ugly Mug Eric Fischer: My designations, if I had to choose them, would be Co-designer, Co-Payer, Website Designer, Minor Part Assembler, Operational Tester, Technical Secondary Expert, Head Driver (of a car, not the bots) and the annoyer of Teamates because I can't hear a freeking word they say most of the time. I am 17, attend one of the Gayest schools in the Nation, and mostly deaf. This could be a small problem, because I will be getting a device to allow me to hear in my right ear somewhat, Otherwise I would have zero hearing in that ear. This device has a small transmitter in it, so according to K-tech on the BBots Forum, I would probobly have to remove it during fights. But other than that, I am all thrusters go to get to a BBots event. I was not so knowledgable about these things before I began, my technical knowlege was more on the useless Star Trek end of things, although I knew that forward and back. But I learned what I needed to before I started throwing out Ideas or designing to much. I now have two custom weapon designs to my name. And that's my advice. If you don't bother gaining the knowledge to do it right first, or aren't creative and just build some run of the mill thing, even if its good, then don't bother at all. That's why my least favorite bot is Frost Bite. The thing is a rectangle with a rounded piece of metal on the front. It's obviously pretty good, since it made it pretty far last season, but its just so plain and uncreative. My vote for best bot is Stephen Felk and Voltronic. He spent 3 years designing his bot before he even entered it, and he has made at least the final four both televised seasons. He will win it all this coming season. Also I say watch for Frenzy to make a good showing, and be ready for at least one new bot to shake things up in the big leagues a bit.
Best I could do of Mike's Ugly Mug Mike Willamson: Whenever he gets around to writing his own. But for now I'll say he is definitely the other 50% of Team High Roller, maybe even a little more. He is the Head Machinist, technical expert, Co-designer, Co-Payer,  Operational Tester, and just all around cool guy.

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