The Links!

Other Teams and Builders: - Jim Smetkowskie's site. A very good site. Check out his Robot Builder database. - Team Delta's site. Good place for tips and purchasing electronic components. - Christian Carlberg's site. He has a really good How To section. His link section is far more extensive. - Killerhurtz website. He has a good site with an excellent How To and really helpful calculations. - Frenzy's website. Lots of Q/A in the tech section. - Team Brown's site. You know them of Greenspan fame. They are also the organizers of yet another west coast event.

Company Websites:
- Makers of plastic sheeting and a Team High Roller sponsor. - Good site for purchase of electronics. - They sell pretty much everything you could want here in the way of metals, even lexan (polycarbonate plastic) - Mendelson Electronics website, here you'll find really good deals on many components you may need, not all of it electronic, by the way. - Good site for cheap motors. - The best place to get your radio. - The place to get your vantec speed controler. - Get your Victor or Thor ESC's here. - Get your radio mixer here.
Other Sites: - Of Course. - The Northeast Robotic Combat Club - One of my favorite search engines. - My other favorite search engine. - My favorite metasearch engine. - An enginering website. Pretty Cool, lots of info.

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