The News!
 5/05/04- Updated again. Weekend Warrior video up. Link in the last post. Also, I'm going to be reworking the site a little, and clearing out old links, like my e-mail that has changed.
3/29/04- And yet more progress. Finalized the weapon setup and got the machining drawings out to Mike, drilled and attached the top plate of the bot, ground down the ESC tabs, so they fit properly, and painted the top plate. Check it out!
3/26/04- More progress and a fully successful drive test on Weekend Warrior!  Check out the update!
3/24/04- Believe it or not, I updated. Yes yes, it's true. I've made progress on Weekend Warrior! Actually, not just progress..... it's sorta, kinda already starting to get done. A little wiring when I get a new soldering iron, and the drivetrain will be up and finished! YAY!
I'll probobly be adding a new segment for Mike's Sumo bot he's been working on at school. I haven't been able to help those guys out, which is a shame, but it looks like they're making progress anyway!
Also moved the 2003 News (what little there was) to its own page.

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