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Catalog Cleanup

DFDSS provides facilities for backing up and deleting selected datasets based on specified criteria. The same tools can be used to identify anomalies in the system catalog.

For example, the following JCL:

//* //STEP1 EXEC PGM=ADRDSSU,REGION=8M,PARM='TYPRUN=NORUN' //* //* //NOTAPE DD DUMMY DO NOT BACK THEM UP //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSIN DD * DUMP DATASET(INCLUDE(**.**) - BY((DSORG NE VSAM) - (MGMTCLAS,EQ,CLEANUP) - (REFDT,LE,*,-90))) - OUTDDNAME(NOTAPE) - DELETE PURGE // scans the catalog for non-VSAM datasets which are associated with management class CLEANUP and haven't been accessed in the last 90 days. The TYPRUN=NORUN parm specifies that the DELETE option will only be simulated; otherwise any matching datasets would be backed up and deleted. Because the backup points to NOTAPE, a DUMMY dataset, any matching datasets would not have been backed up only deleted.

However, in simulating this operation, DFDSS will check for the existence of volumes associated with catalogued datasets and also check that catalogued datasets exist on the specified volumes. Any deteced errors will be reported in the program output. When running in this mode, the specified management class need not exist.

The INCLUDE specification in the DFDSS control statement can be adjusted to only scan certain dataset name patterns in the catalog if desired.


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