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Searching HFS directories

With z/OS 1.5, support was added to search HFS directories as if they were partitioned datasets. This support is somewhat limited at this point in time. Here is an example of how you might use it: //S2 EXEC TSOBATCH //SYSEXEC DD DISP=SHR,DSN=real.pds // DD PATH='/u/userid/rexx',PATHOPTS=ORDONLY //SYSTSIN DD * %GETUID 15 // This example runs REXX EXEC GETUID from HFS directory /u/userid/rexx with parameter 15. TSOBATCH is described in an earlier topic; see TSOBATCH procedure. Note that the first entry in the SYSEXEC concatenation must be a real partitioned dataset (possibly empty). Also, the actual EXEC name in the HFS is limited to 8 characters and appears to need to be in upper case, i.e. the HFS file name for the EXEC is /u/userid/rexx/GETUID. Also note that the EXEC must end with an explicit EXIT or RETURN statement.

The binder and C compiler also support the use of HFS directories for SYSLIB input.

Refer to the redbook "z/OS V1R3 and V1R5 and DFSMS Technical Guide" for more details. This book can be viewed on the web at


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