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Creating VSAM datasets in Batch

Here is an example using JCL to create a VSAM KSDS: // SET DAT=D020504 // EXEC PGM=IEFBR14 //DD1 DD DSN=&SYSUID..&DAT..VSAM,DISP=(,CATLG), // UNIT=DISK, // RECORG=KS,KEYOFF=0,KEYLEN=14,LRECL=200, // SPACE=(80,(10,10)),AVGREC=K Here is a simpler example using the LIKE keyword to copy attributes from an existing VSAM dataset: // SET DAT=D020504 // EXEC PGM=IEFBR14 //DD1 DD DSN=&SYSUID..&DAT..VSAM,DISP=(,CATLG), // LIKE=&SYSUID..MODEL.VSAM On the plus side, the dataset can be named and some attributes assigned using JCL symbolics. However, you cannot specify important performance-related attributes such as buffer sizes and not all attributes are propogated using LIKE.

Here is a example using TSO in batch. See Email notification from Batch Jobs for more information on the TSOBATCH procedure:

// SET DAT=D020504 //S0 EXEC TSOBATCH, // PARM='DEF CLUSTER (NAME(&DAT..TEST) MODEL(MODEL.VSAM))' //SYSTSIN DD DUMMY This is using the TSO DEFINE command to copy the attributes from a model dataset. More complex examples can be implemented using the techniques described in Generating Control Cards.


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