The BeadAholic Quarterly UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The original BeadAholic was retired in the year 2000 due to illness.... I am attempting to restore pages of use to Beaders - Thank you for your patience!
I'm still here! It has taken a lot longer than I thought to learn to live with the loss of my wonderful husband. One of the things that has helpped me, is the fantastic support and care that so many beaders have given me.
The BeadAholic will be coming back! Time is the only hindrance now, and I know that David would be so happy to know that I was sharing my beadwork knowledge and actually creating new beadwork designs and beading again! I am excited to be teaching here in Tucson, where I now live, and look forward to teaching again on line!
Today is Wednesday, June 1, 2005 and I am returning to the wonderful world of beads!
You may e-mail me at:
however - please note that I receive hundreds of "spam" mail daily on that old e-mail address. As soon as that problem is solved, you will hear back from me on a more consistant basis. If I can't stop the tons of  bogus e-mail, I will inform you of a new e-mail address on this site....
Check back occasionally - I am very excited to be back with all of you!
Hugs to all of my bead world friends - Aurora Mathews