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Programmers still struggle with 2000 bug!

As we all know, the year 2000 is coming near.  With the threat of the millennium bug, many people are worried.  Banks and orther major bussiness and organizations are already preparing for the bug.
This latest news on the milennium bug is brought to you by Popular Science.

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If you are interested in technologies and science, then this is the place for you.  Stay and enjoy the following articles.

Articles from Popular Science.

Body ID

No More Shearing

Now sheeps with injected Bioclip protein will shed their fleece automatically.

Now, you will not need to carry an ID card where ever you go.  A biometric system will use the unique characteristics of your body to identify you.
This new technology will use the iris of your eye, your face pattern, your voice, your hand, and your finger prints to identify you.
Pretty cool eh?

More information are about to come. Hopefully I can get a picture to show you the system.

Sleeping Soundly

A new device that will monitor a person's awareness during a surgery.  This will stop the problem of having too little anesthesia, or overdose of it.

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