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Puzzle Mania

Welcome to Puzzle Mania.  The place for mind bending tough puzzles!

Updates monthly.  Look for new puzzles in the future.

Puzzle One

Let's start with an easy one.  In an art class, students are taught how to shape a 1 ounce bag of clay into a small statue.  During this process, some clay remains unused.  For every five statues that are made, there is enough extra clay to make one more statue.  Suppose a student is presented with 25 ounces of clay, what is the maximam number of statues he can sculpt?

Puzzle Two

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puzzle two.

Now a bit harder one.  A chocolate brownie emerges from the oven.  Karen cuts the square brownie in half.  She then divides one of the halves into two smaller but equal parts.
Before she can eat the larger piece, two of her friends unexpectedly arrive.  Karen wants everyone to have the same amount of dessert.  In the fewest number of cuts, how can she produce three equal portions?

Puzzle Three

This puzzle is one of my favorites.
You have nine gold coins.  One of the coins is counterfeit and is filled with a lighter-than-gold substance.  Using a balance, what strategy can you use to uncover the counterfeit coin?
To make things a little more difficult, you must identify the fake coin with only two uses of the balance!

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