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Option 1: Benin Iya
The world's longest ancient earthworks and second largest man-made structure (next to the Great Wall of China): linear banks and ditches in a 2,000 square mile, 10,000 mile long complex, giving unique territorial insights into past migratory ring fronts, State Formation processes and no-man's-lands.

Option 2: Sungbo's Eredo
Africa's largest monument: 100 mile long kingdom boundary rampart with moated sections, remarkable 70 foot high vertical-sided ditches and the Queen of Sheba's grave: pushes back the date of known African rainforest kingdoms by 400 years.

Option 3:Old Oyo
Black Africa's most extensive ancient urban ruins: past captial of powerful Oyo Empire occupied from 700 to 1837 A.D. The 35 mile long city walls enclose at least six square miles of settlement ruins, including sherds, granaries, cisterns, wells..

Option 4:The Giant of Africa
Nigeria's potential world heritage sites: world's largest bloc of mangraove forest, biodiverse rainforest, Xidi palace paved walkways and monoliths, superb ecclesiastical mud-based architecture, `brazilian' houses, the ruins of what was West Africa's most impressive monument in 1903, and much more.

Option 5:The African-American Heritage
Africa's genetic and lesser known aspects of her cultural legacy to African Americans.

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